SEO Effects of Proper Video Marketing – A Detailed Analysis

Video Marketing

Utilizing videos in a digital marketing strategy can offer an insurmountable amount of leads, traffic, and ultimately revenue. Due to the fact that videos offer visual and audio, viewers are much more likely to be engaged than compared to reading a block of text. Further, implementing a video marketing strategy into any business model can effectively help increase the website’s ranking. Within this post, we will take a close look at video marketing and its direct effects with regards to search engine optimization. By the end of this article, you’ll have a much better understanding as to what the marketing is and how to incorporate it into your business model.


What is Video Marketing?

In layman’s terms, the marketing can be best described as utilizing videos within your marketing campaigns to grow your business. There are many types of videos that companies regularly use within their video marketing campaigns which typically include promotions, reviews, customer testimonials, and even live events.


Recently, published an article discussing the importance of videos in a marketing campaign. If video is 53x more likely to rank on Google than traditional plaintext. Additionally, videos themselves have the ability to grab a visitor’s attention much more than what simple text does.


An example of our videos:



Why Use Video Marketing?

There are a plethora of reasons that video marketing should be incorporated within any working campaign.


1. Increased click-through rates


Unlike a simple block of text, videos have the ability to thoroughly increase click through rates due to the fact that user engagement is much higher. Because the videos themselves incorporate video and audio, viewers are much more likely to have their attention focused entirely on the video.


2. Increased Brand Awareness


Generally speaking, videos tend to receive more engagement, shares, and ultimately comments and compared to a traditional article. Due to the fact that videos allow for much more customization and creativity, viewers of the video find themselves experiencing a new environment each and every time they view a particular video. Unlike regular text posts, videos remove the mundane and repetitive feeling of reading.


3. Video Marketing Effects on Rankings


First and foremost, mentioned above, a video is 53x more likely to rank highly in search engines when compared to simple block style text. Due to the fact that most video marketers utilize websites with high authority to host their video (such as YouTube or Vimeo). Within the descriptions of their videos, many marketers typically leave a backlink to their website, which will help further improve one’s rankings.


As the video generates awareness, it collects additional views, shares, and even comments. Thus, over time, the video increases in authority and helps promote the rankings of one’s website.


Tips When Incorporating Video Marketing


  • Embed Your Video – you plan on using a video on your website, it’s best to embed said video instead of providing a link to a different website. Additionally, try to embed the video above the fold such that the video immediately captures the visitor’s attention and will keep them on your page longer.
  • Utilize Correct Video Titles & Descriptions – one of the best on-site as SEO practices for videos is to incorporate detailed titles and descriptions. Be sure to use a correct & helpful title & description so that viewers immediately understand what type of video you’re offering. Additionally, this allows crawlers to better understand the relevancy of the video.
  • Share Your Video On Social Media – once your video has been finalized and uploaded, be sure to kick start your video marketing campaign by sharing your video across your business is various social media profiles.
  • Incorporate Captions In Multiple Languages – another important on-site SEO factor for videos includes utilizing captions. Further, it’s important to translate your captions into various languages, such as spanish captioning, such that videos will be able to captivate a wider audience.


Video marketing continues to be one of the most effective forms of digital marketing to this day. Not only does it allow for greater viewer engagement, increased brand awareness, and increase click through rates, videos offer a unique SCO opportunity that can help boost your rankings on various search engines.

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