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Accountants are busy people! Let us help you come up with an Internet marketing plan that is right for you.

Online marketing is important for professionals in every industry, and accounting is no exception. Brandignity’s comprehensive online marketing for accounting firms and CPA’s can bring your business to the next level in a very serious way.

Search Engine Optimization

More commonly referred to as SEO, search engine optimization is at the cornerstone of any successful online marketing campaign. Your accounting SEO campaign will be locally targeted, unless your firm operates across the entire country. By taking care to target your firm’s specific region, as well as any immediately surrounding markets, accounting firms can guarantee visibility to those searching for them. A solid search presence is vital to just about any accountant SEO campaign, and SEO is one of the things Brandignity does best.

How does SEO help your business?

  • Good SEO will bring people looking for an accountant to you
  • Good SEO will bring people looking for an accountant to you
  • It helps by building your brand visibility online
  • It creates a steady stream of inbound traffic

Local Search & Business Directory Listings

Beyond services like Yahoo! Local and Google Local, there are a ton of online local business directories connecting consumers with the businesses and professionals they need. Marketing for accounting firms means making sure that consumers are able to find your firm when they need it, and local business directories are a huge part of this. We can connect you with multiple, coordinated submissions across a wide range of online local business directories, ensuring that your firm will have a strong presence within localized directory results.

Local directories help:

  • Build your local presence
  • Help your local SEO
  • Encourage new clients to contact you

Social Marketing & Outreach

Social marketing has come a very long way, going from a guess-and-go part of advertising to a carefully studied science in just a few short years. With new social media networks popping up each and every year, it’s important to make sure that accountant marketing includes the most cutting-edge platforms for communication, sharing, and marketing.

We’ll connect your firm with its clients through sites like Facebook and Twitter, while special interest sites like Google+ and Pinterest can be utilized to reach the widest audience possible.

Social media will:

  • Show your audience you have a soul
  • Offer potential clients more communication channels
  • Allow your business to be current

Email Marketing

There’s no arguing the fact that the landscape of digital marketing is changing. Email marketing, however, has remained a hugely important part of any digital marketing campaign, and this holds especially true with accountancy marketing. An email campaign is an opt-in platform through which a firm can directly engage with clients.

Email marketing will:

  • Allow you to stay in contact with your customers
  • Help you provide useful information to customers
  • Create another touch point between you and new customers

Content Marketing

Anyone working on the web has heard the familiar saying “content is king.” Believe it or not, content can play an important role in accountant marketing. Whether it’s social media or an email list, there are a ton of ways to deliver valuable content to a vast audience of interested people. Accountant marketing involves professionals with access to a wealth of practical and useful information.

Blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters are the perfect delivery systems for unique, engaging content. Similarly, article database submissions and guest blog posting will generate inbound links and help accountant SEO efforts immensely.

Content marketing will:

  • Dramatically boost your SEO
  • Create new streams of website traffic
  • Position you as a thought leader

Website Auditing

Accounting SEO might involve a relatively unique set of keywords, but every good campaign must still be centered around a well put-together website. Our regular site auditing will guarantee that any accounting firm’s website is functioning properly while encouraging high placement in the most relevant search engine results. Aspects like responsive design, load times, and keyword density all factor into a site’s search rankings, and our auditing services will help to keep results high.

For just about any business, the Internet has become the best way to reach as many individuals as possible. Brandignity’s services provide everything needed for a successful, cutting-edge accountancy marketing campaign.

Our website audit will:

  • Uncover user experience issues
  • Help you strengthen your branding
  • Find area of opportunity

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