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A blog is one of the most powerful marketing tools a website can have. Let our experience help you with a plan.

Let’s say you launched a blog and now you are not sure what is next. Have no fear, we can help! At Brandignity we help you identify a blog writing strategy with our professional blog writing services packages that will help you pull in inbound traffic for the long term. We understand that launching and maintaining a blog can be a long and daunting task especially if you do not enjoy writing. Brandignity is one of those blog writing companies that loves to write! Our blog writing services can help you grow your “social voice”.

Here is the process we take with our blogging services

The beauty of our blog writing services is that we construct all blog posts with SEO in mind. Writing blog posts is important but writing blog posts that help you pull in traffic for the long haul is even more important. We have a variety of blog writing solutions that can fit any company and any budget. If you need one post per month, we can help. If you need 30 posts per/month we can also help!

  • Discuss Goals – We will identify what your blog goals are.
  • Working Titles – Depending on how many posts per/month you need will come up with working titles for each. Once you approve the titles we can move forward.
  • Keyword Research – Once we identify the keywords you are interested in targeting we will go over the most important ones for you.
  • Format – At this point we will load the blog post into your existing blog, add an image, format copy and place any links needed.
  • Publish – We’ll publish your post and even leverage the post through your existing social networks so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our Blog Post Examples

Blog Post Types

Instructional Blog Posts

Instructional blog posts offer detailed “how-to” instructions for a reader on something specific they are looking to accomplish. This type of post aims to provide a solution to a very specific problem the reader is trying to solve.

For example:
  • How do I brine pickles? (Step by step post)
  • What should I ask my doctor during my check up? (A list of questions)
  • How do I balance my checkbook? (A step-by-step outline)

A Series of Blog Posts

In some cases a more dense topic can be expanded into a series of blog posts. Part 1, Part 2, etc… This gives your readers a good reason to come back and continue reading.

For example:
  • Blog 1: How to Optimize your Website
  • Blog 2: Start with Keyword Research
  • Blog 3: Crafting the Right Meta Data

Industry News Blog Posts

If there are some hot news items being talked about in your industry it can often times be a quick way to get a burst of traffic and visibility to your blog.

For example:
  • Facebook Announced New Ad Platform Changes
  • Google Adds New Expanded Text Ads for AdWords
  • Martha Stewart Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading

Company News Blog Posts

Company news blog posts are a great way to keep your audience notified on all the great things happening within the company. This will help shape the way people view your business from the outside. People like to know there are humans behind the brand. It provides an intangible connection with your target audience.

For example:
  • Brandignity Quoted on Mashable Discussing SEO
  • Brandignity Hires New Design Manager to Head up Branding
  • Brandignity Launches New Marketing Automation Service

List Based Blog Posts

People love list based blog posts. List based posts are easy to read because you can offer up quite a bit of information that the reader can skim through in order to find what they need. List based blog posts traditionally lead to more shares and actions.

For example:
  • Top 10 Appetizers for your Super Bowl Party
  • 5 Ways to Deal with an Unruly Teen
  • 7 Ways to Clean your Floors

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