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13 years after its initial launch in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular CRM software in the world with the biggest share in the market. What started as an open source blogging platform evolved into something completely different. As of this writing, the 4.5 version of the software has been downloaded more than 44 million times, furthermore, it  has been estimated that more than 23% of all websites on the Internet are running on some version of WordPress. Now, if all of this enough to convince you to become a dedicated WordPress user, here are some more reasons and show why you should start using this platform right away.


Free of Charge and Open Source Software

As mentioned above, WordPress is open source software, which means that it is free to use, edit and redistribute. You can easily find the original source code on the internet, heck, you can even download it from WordPress’s official website. Best thing of all – you can download it and try it on your PC first, and then, if you are happy, use it on your website. And forget about simply blogs, today, WP gives you the ability to create any kind of site, like an eCommerce, membership or a Q&A website, among others.


Easy to Use and Customize

One of the main reasons WordPress is so popular, is because it is easy to use; and even if you have some problems, there are detailed tutorial videos, widely available on the Internet. The software has a “one click” installation, and there are in-built facilities to user management, comments, blog publishing RSS feeds and much more. Once you finish the installation process, you can start creating content, publishing blogs and making custom configurations without any coding knowledge whatsoever. Also, if you are not satisfied with default themes, it is possible to customize the overall design and even the features of a WordPress theme.  And if you indeed are a coding expert, you can customize your themes by editing its codes.


Making WordPress More Secure

WordPress has been tried and tested with all virtually all website types ranging from simple personal blogs, to major news sources like Fortune and TechCrunch. With so many websites running  on WordPress, it is no wonder that it makes a tempting target for malicious activity. Luckily, there are many plugins in the WP’s Plugin Directory that provide captcha and two-factor authentication solutions for your site’s administrative accounts.

However, if you want to keep everything completely safe, the best solution would be to employ a VPN. Virtual Private Networks offer encryption point-to-point connections between the user and an off-site server for all of his or her Internet traffic. While there are a number of free VPN solutions out  there, the smart thing to do would be to browse around for a while, and find the cheapest VPN provider that suits all of your specific needs.


The Platform is Only Getting Better and Better

Having one of the largest and most effective programmer communities, WordPress is evolving basically every day. As the time goes on, the programmers enhance the system every few months. Besides, from the blogs, the number of Business WordPress website has increased dramatically in the past few years, and in the near future, we may see enhancements such as more SEO features, extended dashboard, and many, many more. All in  all, if you are thinking about creating a new website for your business, we highly recommend that you use WordPress.


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Adam is an 23 year old professional web developer and an occasional digital publisher at wefollowtech.com, born, raised and currently residing in Dallas, TX . In his spare time you can find him on the basketball court, in the kitchen or at the nearest live music venue.

WordPress Themes


When the topics of developing a website or starting a blog are raised, one of the first aspects that comes to mind are the platform that will be used to create it, with WordPress being the most popular option. Although there are literally more than 1 million WordPress premium themes that are available, the ones mentioned below stand out for a variety of reasons.


Impreza – A Retina Responsive Theme


Impreza Theme

Find it on ThemeForest


When searching for premium WordPress themes, this option is by far one of the best. Not only is it 100% retina responsive; it offers users a host of customization functions as well. This theme can be used in conjunction with third party plugins, while offering an extensive range of style options and color combinations as well. It is also translation ready and has a built-in Shortcode generator, which is ideal for site owners who are affiliates for a range of products.


Patti – A One Page Theme


Find it on ThemeForest

This modern and elegant theme is fully responsive and can be customized to suit virtually any type of business. No coding knowledge is required to customize this theme, and it is also translation ready. Parallax-like effects can be added to any content section and sliders can be used to display photos as well.


Vancouver – A Multiple Layout Option Theme

Vancouver Theme

Find it on ThemeForest

With 14 different layout options and as many as 200 other customization options, this is certainly one of the best premium WordPress themes available at present. It offers 4 slider styles, 4 header options, custom fonts, 6 portfolio layout choices and 7 widgets. 19 homepage layout options are available, and this theme is also retina ready and fully responsive.


Vienna – A Content Focused Personal Blog Theme

Vienna Theme

Find it on ThemeForest


This is another of the more popular WordPress premium themes that are fully responsive and offer numerous customization options. Users can create dedicated image albums, while also customizing the site’s header to suit their needs. A range of custom widgets are available, along with unlimited color scheme options. The theme admin panel is also extremely easy to use.


Chandelier – A Theme Designed for Custom Brands

Chandelier Theme

Find it on ThemeForest

A great slider option coupled with other features like a visual composer plugin (supplied), social share buttons and the option to work with WooCommerce make this an extremely powerful theme for custom brands to use. This theme is also fully responsive, and it offers a range of blog layout options and 5 star support levels to users. Custom SEO fields are available as well to ensure that the best search engine results are obtained.


Off The Shelf – A WordPress Theme for Online Marketing

Off the Shelf Theme

Find it on ThemeForest

This theme is not only fully responsive; it offers an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder and unlimited layout and color options – all of which have been designed to convert as many site visitors to paying customers as possible. Fresh new demo templates are released each month and this is one of few WordPress premium themes that can be used on multiple website simultaneously.


Yoga Fit – A Sports, Gym and Fitness WordPress Theme

Yoga Fit Theme

Find it on ThemeForest


Sports-oriented sites will be pleased to know that there are WordPress premium themes available to suit their needs as well. This theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and it is sold with premium support as well. It can be used to create one-page websites, is plugin-friendly, retina-compatible, SEO optimized and fully responsive as well. Customizable timetable features are also available, which is ideal for gym and fitness studio owners who run different classes.


When looking for the right theme to use on a blog or website, these premium WordPress themes provide an excellent starting point for an array of industries. If you are setting up the blog or website as a business, it is essential that you use a paid-for theme, as you will not only receive the support you need in the event of anything going wrong; you will also be able to customize it completely to suit your needs.


WordPress Installation

Years ago, the goal of most business owners or bloggers was getting a website that was compatible with most browser and that would rate well on Google and other search engines. That paradigm has changed dramatically in the last couple of years thanks largely in part to mobile devices. With an ever growing number of users now access the web via smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices, it is imperative that websites be mobile friendly. In this video you will be walked through the process of creating a mobile friendly WordPress site.

As with any site, you are going to need hosting and a domain name. The web host of choice in this video is Hostgator for the simple fact that they have a WordPress installation option built into their cPanel. Within five minutes, you can have WordPress setup without having to do any downloading or uploading to your web server. It is all done for you.

The video next will walk you through the process of selecting a theme for your site. If you want to make your site mobile friendly from the start, this is where you want to start. Themes are essentially templates for your website and one of the styles of template you can choose is a responsive template.

A responsive template incorporates a responsive design to your WordPress site, meaning that the content of your site will automatically adjust according to the device it is displayed on. By choosing a responsive template, you have done the majority of the work needed to make your site mobile ready. In fact, Google recommends a responsive design be used for any new site being created.

Once you have setup a responsive template for your site, it is now time to put up some content. You will find out how easy it is to setup posts, pages, menus, and much more via WordPress. In addition, you can add features known as widgets that adds features to your website such as search, comments, and much more.

Note that if you do not choose to use a responsive template for your WordPress theme, you will want to install the WPtouch plug-in for the site. You will learn more about plug-in in the video as well. The WPtouch plug-in automatically creates a mobile friendly version of your site that will load in mobile devices.

As you can see, WordPress makes it easy to create a mobile friendly website. Mobile functionality is among the many features that has helped WordPress to become a top website development platform and one favored by beginning webmasters. Spend an hour watching this video and applying the steps will save you hundreds in web developer fees and quickly have you on the way to creating a professional looking mobile friendly website.

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Lori Campbell is a member of the PressTheWord youtube channel, they create step-by-step web design tutorials geared towards beginners, visit their channel for more tutorials.

IP Tracking


Websites are pages of the web which are made containing information, audio and video files, images and much more. A website is hosted by a server and each computer has a name or an IP address through which you can find it to get the information that has been added to your web page in the computer network.

An IP address stands for Internet Protocol and it consists of numeric codes that are given to each computer that is participating in the computer network and communication. You should never confuse an IP address with the URL of a website. IP addresses are different for different websites.

These IP addresses can even be hacked and that is why you must try to make your IP as secure as possible in order to prevent it from getting tracked. There are many ways by which you can secure your IP address.


Using a Fixed IP Address


The very first thing that catches your eye when you search on how to secure your IP address is the consistency of your IP address. You must make sure that the IP address that you have come up with is not static. Although most gamers and others who travel a lot might prefer a static IP address, it must be kept in mind that once a hacker figures it out, he can attack again and again, trespassing on your virtual property.


 Link with DSL Account


Another factor to be considered involves your DSL account. Technically, an IP address is linked to your DSL account via a cable. This way the IP address does not change until the device is turned off. So you must try to power it off as often as possible every time you turn it on, there will be a different IP address visible and thus, harder to track than a constant one.


 Ensure a Unique User Agent


Every computer has a user agent and every time you log on to the internet, the browser gets to know about it and thus, someone can easily track it. However, if that user agent is unique, no one would be able to track it.


 Avoid Cookies!


Another thing that can secure your IP address is if you do not allow cookies in your computer, as cookies are something that can be used to track a computer. So for this purpose, you need to go to your browser settings and turn off the cookies option, or delete them once you are done browsing or surfing the internet.


 Download Protective Software today!


Another way to avoid getting your IP address tracked is to download software that provides protection against revealing your identity. This software helps you in securing your IP address. There is TOR, UltraSurf, MegaProxy along with other such software that are free of cost and can be used to ensure a safe browsing on the net. The windows Firewall must always be turned on and if you are using some other antivirus, make sure it’s firewall is turned on. Also, keep the software updated so that latest breaches can be tackled effectively.

Moreover, you must be very cautious and avoid clicking on random links from where you log on to a website. Instead of clicking on it, you can write it in the address bar and then browse, or you can just type it in the domain name of the website and get the results.

Cyber net is useful as well as dangerous at the same time. It is totally up to you to keep track of your security. So be on your toes at all times and employ the above-mentioned ways to keep hackers from accessing your PC.


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Brendan Egan is the owner of Simple SEO Group that provides e-marketing and web design related services to small online businesses. Brendan can be contacted at www.SimpleSEOGroup.com