CBD Product Marketing Services

Since the slow legalization of marijuana started happening in the US, the cannabidiol (CBD) industry has boomed. From oils and tinctures to pills and makeup, CBD is found just about everywhere. Unfortunately, this also means the competition has gotten fierce. CBD product distributors and manufacturers seem to be popping up around every corner. Legal marijuana/cannabis dispensaries are also growing at an alarming rate. The good news is that a viable marketing strategy makes all the difference in the quest to become a top CBD, dispensary, or legal marijuana/cannabis retailer – even in a fast growing market.

Our CBD Marketing Services

Let’s face it, CBD products are hitting the market at a rapid pace. The number of online stores and brick and mortar locations interested in CBD products across the nation is staggering. All these local businesses are going to need to do some marketing to stand out on a local level or an eCommerce level. Our custom strategies include everything from design/branding, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and a variety of other organic marketing methods designed to bring qualified traffic to your door or your website.

Our Commitment to Communication

The process of developing a brand identity for your legal cannabis business is exciting, and we are committed to ensuring that your brand persona reflects who you are as a business. As such, we are always available to answer questions or address concerns you might have about our processes. We aren’t just another marketing agency. We get to know you and your business in a way that allows us to show the world just how special and unique you are. 

If you have questions about marketing your cannabis related business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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CBD Marketing Options

CBD Design & Branding

A great website design makes the difference between a successful CBD company and one that isn’t. In fact, good SEO is nothing without an appealing, intuitive website design.

Brandignity has extensive experience in creating and maintaining CBD websites as part of our overall marketing solutions. A website is the hub of your company’s online presence, and one of the primary ways potential customers will form their first impressions about you.

With you this in mind, Brandignity strives to create a website that plainly showcases your company’s brand, including tone of voice and unique take on the CBD industry. Every company has a unique story to tell and we make sure yours is told in the best way possible.

CBD Product Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Each industry has a general SEO (search engine optimization) strategy that works best for it. Among those industries, each business will have unique needs of its own which alter that strategy. Nobody knows that better than we do.

At Brandignity we have developed SEO best practices that work specifically for the CBD industry. Our team of marketing and design experts ensures that your company reaps the benefits of a successful SEO campaign that provides the organic visibility you need to succeed. That means more website views, better conversion ratings, and an overall more successful business.

Social Media Marketing for CBD Companies

Your social media should be an extension of your website in both design and content planning. When utilized properly, social media can drive potential customers to your website after (or while) offering them valuable information on CBD. Since so many social platforms don’t allow for CBD advertising your organic approach will have to be strong.

Some ideas for posts for a CBD company:

  • New products
  • New product packaging
  • Blog posts
  • Industry news & information
  • Helpful tips for product users
  • Customer reviews & interviews
  • Product videos

CBD Product Blogging

Weekly blogging is an amazing way to build up organic visibility while increasing the footprint of your website. Each blog is a potential doorway (or entrance page) to your website. When written with an SEO mindset website blogs can bring new organic traffic to your website for years to come.

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