FYIsoftCloud accounting software marketing case study



Ongoing SEO, Google AdWords, Blogging, and Updated Design and UX

Time Frame

1.5 years

Company Background

Financial reporting software helping enterprise companies cut 10+ days of their period close.

Competitive keywords we’re currently ranking for.

  • frx report replacement
  • frx reporting
  • Cloud Financial Reporting
  • Cloud Based Financial Reporting
  • Financial Reporting Solution
  • Cloud Finance Software
  • frx report replacement solution
  • FRX Report Writer
  • Financial Report Writing Software
  • Sage Financial Reporting
  • Financial Close Management Software
  • Financial Report Distribution

Onsite SEO Strategy

Onpage SEO plays a vital role in the software accounting company. The competition is pretty fierce and having strategic keywords in strategic areas has helped this client rank very well.

Below is a list of items we have done (and continue to do) on this site:

  • Keyword research
  • Meta tag writing
  • Onpage SEO copywriting
  • Image alt tags
  • URL optimization

Year of Year Increases

FYIsoft Before Rankings

FYIsoft Present Rankings

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