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Consumer packaged goods (CPG) sales volume grew 4.3% in 2021 according to information published by an American research firm called Information Resources, Inc. The same firm predicts that price, convenience-focused trends, and demand for on-the-go options will continue to push CPG brands forward in 2022 and beyond. To capitalize on these trends, you’ll need a CPG brand marketing strategy that puts your products front and center. Brandignity offers exceptional CPG brand marketing that can catapult you to the top.

Our CPG Marketing Approach

Marketing your CPG products in an industry that grows more saturated by the day can be a challenge, but Brandignity can help you overcome the obstacles in your path. From aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website design to SEO-optimized content across your website, we pull out all the stops to get your brand noticed.

Some of our CPG brand marketing strategies include:

  • Using modern marketing techniques such as PPC advertising, user-friendly website design, and social media to solidify your brand’s online presence and reputation.
  • Ensuring that the right people see your CPG product or service at the right times. Whether you sell prepackaged goods or meal services, we put them in front of your intended audience at the times when they are most receptive.
  • Building and maintaining brand consistency across your social media channels, website, marketing emails, and paid advertisements. A brand that is memorable and easy to recognize is a brand that people can trust.

Our CPG Marketing Strategy Options

The CPG industry continues to grow more saturated by the day, which means you’ll need to employ time-tested strategies if you hope to stand out. At Brandignity, we believe that your brand’s identity and persona are critical for building an online presence, so that’s where we focus our efforts. We need to show the world that you offer something unique, whether it’s a product unlike any other or a one-of-a-kind website experience. Furthermore, your company needs to be a brand that people can trust.

We offer:

  • Website Design
  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • AdWords Advertising
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing

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Software Marketing Options

Website Design & Branding Services

Your website is the face you put forward to your digital audience, so it’s important that it’s clean, easy to navigate, and informative. Brandignity strives to build aesthetically pleasing websites that offer all the information that your potential customers need. CPG brands often have a great personality and story. This needs to be showcased on their website for the brand to grow. Let us help you put together a website that leads visitors down the path to convert. Don’t forget, buyers are going to be looking at your website to learn about you. Let your website be your digital salesperson.

CPG Brand Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the single most important processes in any CPG brand marketing plan. It helps you rank higher in Google search results and overcome the various limitations of traditional marketing channels so that you can get noticed.

Social Media Marketing

With some five billion people utilizing social media regularly, it comes as no surprise that platforms like Facebook and Instagram are excellent resources for building a community and solid reputation with your intended audience.

Software AdWords Advertising

AdWords requires an upfront investment, so many brands – and even many marketing agencies – have shied away from it. At Brandignity, we believe that carefully optimized pay-per-click ads play a significant role in your overall campaigns. We are AdWords experts, and we can help you get the most out of your budget. For example, a PPC campaign based around a new and innovative product can drive a huge increase in traffic.

CPG Blogging

The Google algorithm prefers to show users websites that are regularly updated, and blogs are the best source of dynamic digital content. While every CPG brand is unique and we tailor our blog posts to your specific brand, some sample headlines might include:

  • The Importance of Sustainable Food Packaging for a Cleaner, Safer Environment
  • How Much Protein is Enough? You Might be Surprised at the Answer
  • These 5 Ingredients Should Never be Found in Your Packaged Food Products
  • Expert Advice for Choosing the Meal Replacement Bar that is Right for You

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a crucial part of your CPG brand strategy. You can share your new blog posts, announce new products, mention sales, or provide information that may benefit your audience in a regular newsletter.

To learn more about how Brandignity can help your consumer packaged goods brand design and develop a fully-fledged marketing plan, reach out to us today! We look forward to learning more about your brand and helping you reach new limits. Email us at today.

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