FlexiEnterprise Accounting Software Marketing Case Study




Ongoing SEO, Google AdWords, Blogging, and Updated Design and UX

Time Frame

1.5 years

Company Background

Financial management software company offering a suite of accounting solutions to enterprise companies.

Below is a list of competitive keywords currently ranking on page one.

  • Private label accounting software
  • Multi entity accounting software
  • Banking accounting software
  • Accounting software for insurance companies
  • Process driven financial management software
  • White label accounting software
  • Multi entity accounting
  • Insurance accounting software
  • Bank accounting software
  • Process driven accounting software
  • Compliance accounting software

Onsite SEO Strategy

The enterprise accounting software space is very competitive so a strong onpage SEO strategy was a must.

Below is a list of items we continue to tackle each month:

  • Keyword research
  • Meta tag writing
  • URL optimization
  • SEO copywriting
  • Image altĀ tags
  • Sitemap monitoring

Year of Year Increases

B2B Software Marketing

FLEXI Before Rankings

FLEXI Present Rankings

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