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Google AdWords can get you visible overnight. Let us help you execute your paid ads on Google.

Have you been hearing about how Google AdWords can help boost our business, but have no idea how to leverage it to your advantage? Have you attempted to work with this form of advertising, but not had much success with it? If this is the case, why not allow our experts to assist you? We are able to provide you with a range of AdWords-based solutions that will help boost your online visibility levels tremendously.

What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is a Google-hosted advertising service that is used by businesses who want to place their adverts on various websites. It enables businesses to stick to a pre-determined marketing budget because they only pay per click whenever their adverts are clicked on by website visitors. This advert service focuses largely on keywords, which vary in price according to the amount of bids that have been placed on them.

Our Google AdWords Process

Our goal is to understand your business 100%.

It’s important for us to know what your online goals so we can construct the right pay per click advertising campaign to help you grow efficiently.

Once we understand your business we’ll craft a PPC strategy specific to your needs and goals.

Once we are all on the same page we will then execute the custom crafted strategy

We will continuously monitor your campaign and make necessary adjustments.

Case Study

Here is a case study for a client in the industrial caster wheel space we worked recently with for only a few months. Below is an analysis of the first 60 days working with us. As you can see the numbers are pretty outstanding. The account saw increases and decreases where it’s necessary. Typically the first few months of taking over an AdWords campaign it comes down to grabbing hold of the account slowly tightening things up.

As you can see the first month we were trying to slow down the increase in spend. Even though they spent a little more they received almost 10% more impressions and 33% more clicks. Yes, some might say that will happen regardless with an increase in spend but in this case they also saw an 88% increase in conversions. Needless to say the client was happy. Sit tight, we’re only on month 1 of management.

On the second month is where we saw some extremely amazing figures. Spend was down almost 40% with only a .6% decrease in impressions. The account saw a 17% increase in CTR and almost a 9% increase in conversions. We’re on our way to having a really dialed in Google AdWords account for this client.

Our Google AdWords Options

Option 1 – Let us assist with AdWords Setup

Are you in need of someone who can assist you with the initial setup process of an AdWords campaign, or would you like feedback regarding the one you are already using? Our experts here at Brandignity will not only be able to assist you with the setup process of a new campaign; they are more than willing to provide you with guidance or any other information needed to improve any existing campaigns that you may be using. This will help ensure that you get the most out of them and that they are as affordable as possible for you as well.

Option 2 – Allow us to Handle Setup and Management

A great AdWords campaign will be able to work wonders for your business – provided that it is being set up and managed correctly from the start. If you allow our experts here at Brandignity to take over complete management of your AdWords campaigns, we will ensure that everything that is required is provided – from the setup of the account to ensuring that your adverts appear in the right places at the right time. This will enable your business to receive the level of online exposure that it deserves – at the most affordable rates possible.

If we find that your existing AdWords are not working in your favor, we will consult with you and advise you of the changes that we will need to make so that they can be tweaked accordingly. We will provide constant monitoring to remain on top of things and to ensure that your AdWords are doing the job that they were intended to do – namely, drive as much business as possible in your direction. We will ensure that your pre-determined budget is adhered to as well, providing you with complete peace of mind.

If you are a business owner or marketing manager who has been struggling to make AdWords work for you, get in touch with us today. One of our marketing experts will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the various options that are available.

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