Gym & Fitness Center SEO Marketing Case Study

pure skill fitness



Onpage SEO, SEO copywriting, web development, and GMB cleanup

Time Frame

30 Days

Company Background

Pure SKill Fitness


Pure Skill Fitness came to us needing help with local SEO. Their current website at the time didn’t have the different classes broken out onto their own pages, the existing copy was unoptimized, meta tags were empty, images had no alt tags, and the GMB account needed some clean up.

Initial challenges:

  • No onsite SEO
  • No visible keywords on the site
  • Very few individual class pages
  • Very light on content
  • SEO nuts & bolts of the site needed tweaking
  • Google My Business (GMB) account needed some clean up

Workout Class Page Build Out

The first course of action was to create a page for each workout class. After conducting some preliminary keyword research we noticed that people were searching for specific workout classes. We knew that a page for each class would be important so Google can deliver the right page when people search.


SEO Copywriting

We wrote all new copy for the individual classes using the keywords that people search for. This would prove to be very important since many of the new class pages started to rank very quickly.

Onpage SEO

We made sure H1 – H3 tags were written utilizing keywords. We went through all the SEO metadata for each page and rewrote title tags and meta tag descriptions. We optimized URL structures and made sure image alt tags were all filled.

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business was going to be an important area to focus on since it was a local business that depends on foot traffic. We made recommendations to the account and helped with some tweaks and changes and before you know it that listing was ranking for a handful of local workout search keywords.


First month rankings after all changes were implemented.

Our client saw a great increase in rankings in just the first month of the website relaunch.

gym seo ranking report