Hospital Marketing Services

Like any other medical related organization or business, hospitals need marketing too. Everything from a well thought out SEO plan to active social media is crucial to ensure the community knows about the organization. Let’s see how Brandignity can help your hospital with its online visibility. Digital marketing for hospitals is something we know about.

Our Hospital Marketing Services

With recent changes to healthcare requirements, and with more people than ever before having access to health insurance, hospitals have more competition than ever before. Today’s consumers have access to vast amounts of information, as well, which means they can easily research several hospitals before they make decisions. An extensive online marketing strategy that includes a user-friendly website, informative professionally-written content, and various SEO and social media tactics are crucial for this very reason.

A whitepaper published by Kantar Media in 2016 clearly shows that hospitals are spending more and more on digital marketing efforts. In fact, digital marketing budgets in hospitals more than doubled between 2011 and 2015. The healthcare industry is undoubtedly utilizing the power of the internet to reach its target audiences, and hospitals that do not create a strong online presence will be left behind in the future.

Our time-tested strategies can help your software business succeed by:

  • Improving your hospital’s online presence and reputation with modern marketing strategies including website content, PPC advertising, and more.
  • Putting your hospital in front of the right people when they are searching for various medical treatments. Utilizing professionally written content and an informative website to show your audience that you are an authority in your field.
  • Ensuring your hospital’s brand congruence across every marketing channel, from your website to your paid advertisements and even your social media accounts.

Remember that your biggest competition is already using all the major strategies that get them noticed. We can help you rise above and stand out as a better choice.

Our Communication Policy

Brandignity works hard to ensure that the digital persona we create for your brand is an accurate reflection of who you are. It can be incredibly exciting to see your brand’s identity come together in a professional and tangible way. We know that you will have questions about the process, and you may even have a few concerns along the way. We are always a phone call or email away, and we are happy to address your questions or concerns quickly.

Brandignity is not just another marketing agency. We take the time to get to know you so that we can show the world the things that make your brand unique. Should questions or concerns arise, reach out to us at

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Hospital Marketing Options

Website Design Services

Your website design and user experience is an integral part of your client and patient journey. Your hospital’s website serves as the first point of contact for consumers, and patients, and in order to remain relevant in a competitive industry, it’s crucial to make an excellent first impression. In fact, according to an article published in 2014 in the Journal of Medical Internet Research showed that consumers who visit hospital websites while deciding whether they should seek help with a medical condition are far more likely to actually go to a specific hospital if the website is easy to use and informative.

A hospital website should provide:

  • An interactive experience for visitors. Potential clients should be able to click links to read specific content, watch videos, or browse your hospital’s social media accounts.
  • Accolades and accomplishments. Providing information about awards, community involvement, and more will help build trust among potential clients.
  • Outstanding, high-quality text. The tone, style, and quality of the content on your website is a direct reflection of the care your hospital provides.
  • An engaging and interesting blog. Your hospital’s blog should feature a variety of interesting topics that will grab the attention of your target audience.
  • Simple, easy navigation. Your website should load quickly, and visitors should be able to find their way around in as few clicks as possible.
  • Optimization for search engines. Outstanding content does very little for your business if search engines cannot find it. Search engine optimization is crucial.
  • Short and helpful videos. Wyzowl data shows that only 63% of companies make video content a staple in their campaigns even though 90% of consumers prefer helpful video content when making decisions.

Hospital Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for your website’s success. Search engines like Google and Bing utilize algorithms and machine learning to index your site according to many different factors, including relevancy, dynamic content, keyword usage, photos, backlinks, and more. Hospitals should also focus on local SEO in order to improve their conversion rates and remain as visible as their competitors.

When optimizing your website for search engines, Brandignity will do these things (and more):

  • Provide well-written, relevant, engaging, and unique content that will keep visitors on your site.
  • Revise, edit, and optimize the existing website content to conform to the latest algorithms as they apply to hospital SEO optimization.
  • Write meta tags and create XML sitemaps to improve the indexing process and your rankings.
  • Suggest URLs to videos and other content that you can embed on your site.
  • Build links to your website from other related websites – and vice versa.
  • Research and implement keywords to help search engines pick up and index your content more quickly and efficiently.
  • Write and distribute press releases on your hospital’s behalf.
  • Write, publish, and manage your SEO hospital blog.
  • Optimize and manage your social media accounts.
  • Provide recommendations to help you convert more of the people visiting your website into clients who come to your hospital.

Social Media Marketing

At the end of the third quarter in 2018, Facebook reported some 1.5 billion users who are active every single day and roughly 2.27 billion users who are active at least once each month. Twitter boasted 326 million active users for the same time period, Pinterest has about 250 million active users each month, and YouTube boasts 1.8 billion active monthly users.

More people than ever before are connected to one another (and to their favorite businesses) through these platforms. In fact, today’s consumers rely on outlets like Facebook and YouTube to help them make important decisions about everything they buy – including healthcare. An outstanding social media presence is an important step in driving traffic, getting noticed, and growing your business.

Hospital AdWords Advertising

Paid advertising is a great to be visible quickly, sometimes overnight. Google Ads can get you visibility for those harder to reach keywords that your hospital might be lagging on in organic search. Let us help you build an AdWords campaign that helps you gain the right visibility.


Hospital Blogging

A blogging strategy is an excellent way to not only extend your online visibility but show your organization’s personality. Each blog is a potential new entranceway for a website visitor to make it to your website. Each page starts to rank organically and over time you can have many touchpoints leading visitors back to your website. Everything from patient stories to new advancements in medicine can be talked about on your blog.

Some of the topics we may write for your hospital include:

  • 7 Ways Nurses Change a Patient’s Life
  • Have Joint Pain? Top Reasons to Not Ignore It
  • 5 Foods that are Great for your Heart
  • Why Sleeping Longer is More Difficult as you Age

Email Marketing

Email marketing should not be avoided. Email marketing for a hospital is one of the most strategic and cost effective forms of marketing communication. Email communication is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing.

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