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Real estate marketing online can be very competitive. Let us help you by crafting a winning strategy for online visibility.

Brandignity’s Real Estate Marketing Services

Brandignity now offers real estate search engine optimization and various other digital marketing services to the customers locally here in Naples or nationally and we’ve got the right strategy for you. If you are in the industry, our real estate marketing services will help you build your digital foot print. If you are in the business of home development or if you offer home services of any kind, our real estate marketing can help you market your business in a way that will give you the greatest potential of visibility to prospective clients.

Our services can help:

Our Commitment to Communication

We invite you to contact us and take advantage of the online strategies we offer to enhance your real estate marketing. Each month we will review your strategy with you to be sure you have a complete understanding of each step. We will also answer any questions you may have at this time. We want to work with you to help grow your real estate business into all it can be!

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Real Estate Marketing Options

Design & Branding

It’s not just about have a “website” anymore. It’s about user experience and making sure your website visitors remember your website or brand after they leave. There are literally thousands of realtors, what is your website doing to stand out? Cookie cutter websites are not going to cut it. You need something memorable.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a gimmick, it’s something that really works. Utilizing strategic keywords in specific areas of your website can dramatically increase your website’s potential to rank organically in all search engines. Does it happen overnight? no. But it’s something that truly is a requirement in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Brandignity first crafts an SEO strategy for you as the first step for your company’s search engine optimization. We will give you a monthly plan for your real estate marketing plan in a step by step manner. Our goal is to help you take control of your own marketing campaign. We will provide you with an internet marketing map so that each month you will have a clearly directed plan that will enable you to use this strategy to its fullest.This map will give you daily, weekly, and monthly instructions.We want to help your business to have optimum visibility in order to grow it to its full potential.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords can be a very powerful form of online advertising. The beauty behind the technology is that it works very quickly. Billions of people are searching on Google each and every single day and Google AdWords campaigns allow your website to be visible for those searches overnight. This is a great strategy for those who might be waiting for their organic SEO to take hold.

Social Media Marketing

In order to use the necessary tools to reach as wide a range of your social media audience as possible, you will want to have a well laid out plan.As part of this plan, Brandignity will provide you with lists of sites where your real estate business will draw the most attention. In addition, we will provide you with ideas for topics of conversation that will pique the interest of your target communities and get them talking.As a crucial part of this strategy, we provide you with a detailed daily, weekly and monthly plan that outlines for you what you need to be doing to keep your real estate business attracting attention.

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