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Found some bruises online connected to your brand? Let us help you hide and improve the situation.

Our Reputation Management Process

It’s important for us to fully understand the severity of the issue. The more complex the problem the more assets we need to deploy.

Understanding the business impact will help us move in the right direction. In certain situations we need to execute counter marketing initiatives to counter any lost business.

Once we understand the entire situation we will then craft a custom strategy for you to review before we execute.

When all parties are on the same page and the strategy has been approved we then execute the plan.

We will continuously monitor your campaign and make necessary adjustments.

All it takes is a disgruntled ex-employee or an angry customer with an unresolved issue with your organization to leave a tarnished mark online surrounding your company brand. Whether you seek internet reputation management for a personal identity or a corporate business our services and solutions can help clean things up. With more and more shoppers searching online for a business or corporate name before pulling the trigger with any organization it is important that your online reputation be squeaky clean.

If you find yourself in a situation where your online reputation has been tainted we have a few options that could help out your situation. We take a proven systematic approach to cleaning up a personal identity or corporate business brand online. Reputation management online requires an aggressive and calculated strategy along with time depending on how severe the situation actually is.

Option 1 – Custom Reputation Management Strategy

Do you have the time and the resources to do this monthly effort yourself? Maybe you have an employee that just needs the right plan to tackle this project? We can put together a custom plan of attack to help you clean up your online reputation. Everything from what effort to carry out each and every month or day and where to actually execute it. Each strategy also comes with a phone call to go over all efforts so that you fully understand the strategy and everything that comes along with it.

An online reputation management strategy is perfect for:

  • Someone or some company which understands how the search engines work
  • Someone or some company which has the resources to execute the material themselves

Option 2 – Full Service Reputation Management Solution

Option two handles all your reputation management and improvement efforts for you with peace of mind knowing it is getting completed every single month. Everything from a custom crafted strategy to full execution of all monthly activities. If you are a business or a person who does not have the time or the energy to attempt to accomplish this effort Brandignity can help you with all your reputation management requirements.

Our full service reputation management campaign consists of:

  • A complete internet reputation strategy on what to execute on a monthly basis
  • Monthly reporting of all web reputation management efforts completed
  • Each negative online web mark identified
  • Monthly execution of all internet reputation management efforts
  • Monthly reporting of all web reputation management efforts completed

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