Women’s SwimwearSEO Case Study

Swimwear SEO Marketing Case Study




Onpage SEO

Time Frame

1 Month

Company Background

High end women's swimwear

Below is a list of keywords that ranked on page one in just 30 days.

  • luxury women’s lycra bikini
  • luxury women’s neoprene swimwear
  • luxury women’s neoprene bikinis
  • high end neoprene bathing suits
  • high end women’s neoprene bikini
  • luxury women’s neoprene bikini
  • luxury women’s lycra bikinis
  • luxury women’s lycra swimwear

Onsite SEO Strategy

Below is a list of items we tackled for onpage SEO.

Below is a list of items we continue to tackle each month:

  • Keyword research
  • Image optimization
  • H1 – H5 tag optimization
  • Search Console installation
  • Custom crafted meta data
  • Content optimization

Before SEO Rankings

After Onpage SEO Rankings

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