10 Little Ways

Many times SEO is not to blame when it comes to a website not running at 100% efficiency. You have to understand that search engine optimization is a process that requires many other areas to be finely tuned in order to work properly. If those areas I am referring to are not running at 100% than your SEO will never work how it is supposed to. Remember that SEO is about delivering inbound traffic to your site, once that traffic is there it is up to your brand, website layout and product to convert that visitor into some sort of action the aims at generating revenue for your company.

Here are 10 reasons why it could be everything but your SEO which is prohibiting your website to convert traffic how it should:

Poor Website Layout

If your website is built a bit sloppy with no little to no flow you will have a difficult time converting anything. Your web audience has to be able to flow properly through your website otherwise they are going to bounce and move on to your competitor.

Poor Page Content

Your content is your virtual sales man, if it is written poorly with no flow people are going to split. Your copy has to be able to communicate exactly what your sales person would if they were speaking with a potential client.

Out Dated Design

Design is very subjective but up to date web design is crucial for branding and trust building. In the digital space people do judge a book by its cover so make sure your design up to par with what it going on in the industry.

Website Errors

Broken links, pages not found and forms that don’t work will not help you grow. Make sure your site isn’t all botched up. When your web traffic clicks on links that lead to nowhere it certainly does not build up trust and confidence in your brand.

Lack of Updates

You have to keep things fresh on your site. Try changing and adding items once in a while so things are not stagnant. A blog is a nice way to keep new fresh content making its way in front of your audience consistently.

Lack of Proper SEO

What you think is SEO and what we think is SEO¬†could be vastly different. Make sure what you are doing is actually what needs to be done in order to get the job done. SEO/SEM is not once it once was years ago so don’t think your efforts from 2001 are going to work today.

Complete Denial

Everything around you online is competition. That random web page sitting near you, the PPC ads above and to the right, everything you see is an obstacle and all obstacles should be viewed as competition. The reality is that the search engines are inundated with massive amounts of material every single day and you have to be willing to admit that to yourself.

No Social Media Efforts

Social media is not going anywhere. Social media has changed the way everyone does almost everything on a daily basis. If you can’t include this into your marketing strategy you will fail over time.

Poor Conversion Metrics

If you can’t properly lead your visitor down the right path you can’t expect to see the right conversions. Website conversion metrics are probably the most important part of building a new site for your company.

No Trust

Building trust is one of the most important things in today’s digital landscape. People do not just submit their information to any old web page they bump into any longer. If you want their info or the credit card information you have to instill confidence in your audience.