ROI Online

Return on investment (ROI) is a tricky factor to drop into the initial decision process when shopping around for internet marketing for your company. Internet marketing and search engine optimization has so many overlapping factors that it can often times be a tricky area to explore. How do you put a number on branding? How can quantify online influence? It is also important to realize that all the traffic in the world will not make you a profitable company if your product or service stinks.

Even if your traffic is 100% targeted that doesn’t mean anyone is going to call your or pull out their credit card on your website. ROI and search marketing mix don’t always mix because you cannot guess how many people are going to read a PR and travel to your website or follow your blog and decide to create an action on your site.

Here are seven reasons why ROI should not play a role in your decision making:

You have to do it

Plain and simple you have to be visible online whether you like it or not. Everyone is, your competitors are and if you are not than you can guarantee no ROI.

Explore your product or service first

First identify if your product is capable of achieving the goals you are trying to go after. If you have a niche product you are trying to bring to the masses the ROI might never be there. Don’t blame it on the internet if your product or service needs a second look.

When was the last time your site was updated?

If your website hasn’t been updated since 1998 all the search engine marketing in the world won’t help you achieve your goals. You have to be somewhat current if you want to keep your online image growing.

Branding builds businesses

Proactive branding is important to growing anything online. With the digital frontier so vast and wide visual appearance and branding is important for future growth. Your audience is going to see you in multiple areas so make sure they remember you, your logo or your company name every time they bump into you.

Purchasing patterns are evolving

Whether you like it or not people’s purchasing patterns are changing. Individuals who once did not care about image & branding are all of a sudden dancing to a different tune.

Tremendous amount of overlap

Social media, search engine optimization, PPC, everything overlaps each other in today’s business world. Someone sees your organic listing and their eye catches your PPC ad and all of a sudden they look at you differently. Your brand name is thrust into a whole new light. This type of purchasing is simply a reality.

Can you afford not to be visible online?

Ask yourself that question because it is an important one to answer. Can you maintain business growth without pursuing the digital space? Can you do it just through offline activities which tend to require twice as much effort, energy and resource?