2015 Strategy


These days, all forms of marketing have become more competitive than ever – especially online. As a result, there are a few essential aspects that are needed in every internet marketing strategy if you want to be a successful online entrepreneur in 2015. Internet marketing is a dynamic space and if you want to win you have to learn to bob and weave with the changes.

High Quality Content that is Strategic


Over the years, many internet marketers’ websites obtained high rankings simply because they contained a lot of content that had been scraped from other high-ranking sites – even though it was completely irrelevant to the products or services they were trying to sell. However, since Google recently implemented its Penguin and Panda updates, the adage of “content is king,” has quickly been replaced with “high quality content that is relevant to your niche is king.”


Mobile-Friendly Thinking


In the past few years, the amount of people who access the internet by means of their smartphone or tablet devices has more than doubled. As a result, a responsive web design has become a crucial part of any internet marketing strategy. Failure to include this demographic of the population will no doubt result in significantly reduced website visitor numbers and in turn, sales.


Various SEO Strategies


Keyword stuffing, excessive link exchanges with sites that are not relevant to your niche and an abnormally high amount of internal links on a website all used to be considered as acceptable SEO techniques. However, the recent Google updates have leveled the playing field in that the focus now falls more on providing as much value as possible to visitors in the form of readable content. It’s better to produce less content of a higher quality than content that offers no value to readers.


Segmentation of Audience for Personalized Communication


It’s no longer good enough if you are trying to push the same marketing message to all of your website visitors. These days, you need to develop unique messages that appeal to the different demographics among your social media followers and website visitors. For example, a blog post may be appealing to a slightly older demographic of people, while a short video clip may be more appropriate if you are trying to get a message across to teens and young adults.


An All-Encompassing Social Media Strategy


A successful internet marketing strategy needs to go far beyond the call of basic status updates when it comes to social networking – in fact, the days of simply posting a quick status update about your latest product or service and expecting an overwhelming response from that alone are long gone. In order to build a loyal and active following on any social media platform, regular engagement is required. This can take place in the form of regular question-asking sessions or even sharing interesting content that has been seen elsewhere online that is relevant to your niche.

If incorporating all of the above mentioned steps into your marketing campaign seems like an overwhelming move, start with one and then add the rest as you go. Including these strategies in your internet marketing strategy will help ensure online success for many years to come.