5 Guest Post Types

As a regular guest blog contributor, I have obtained significant experience negotiating editorial content and so over the years have become familiar with the associated ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Below I have outlined, in five manageable points, the content types I have found to be most favored by bloggers who accept guest posts.

Expert advice – inviting an expert in their field to provide a viewpoint on their industry be it technology, fashion or in my case integrated PR, is often a blogger tactic. As blogs are hubs that people are drawn to collect the latest and greatest news on their favored subject area, having the occasional guest writer who can provide in-depth content on a topic akin to the blog will be extremely appealing to readers.

Ahead of the curve – latest developments whether a new Google algorithm update, exclusive smartphone release or sneak peek of next season’s fashion, is news controlled by only a few ‘in the know’. Encouraging these people or even early adopters who have made it their business to understand the new phenomena, inside out, to blog is likely to gather a large audience.

First-hand experience – human interest stories, in no matter what form, whether a business success story or endearing tale of endurance, make for interesting content that people want to read. Give the blogger an account of the personal expertise you have and how the style and content of your piece will complement their blog.

Reactive commentary – strike while the iron’s hot, by providing an immediate and informative comment on a news story or product launch. Giving your expert insight on what, for example, this new product means to consumers or how a dip in national spending could impact the emerging retail technology space, shows that you can quickly mobilise content which is current.

Case study comparisons – most of us are fascinated by what consumers or businesses are doing differently to one another and what tactics they are utilising to get ahead in the world. For example, Red Bull is renowned across the globe as an innovator and on social media it is always dreaming up quirky creative campaigns to build engagement with fans. Providing a comparison on what it is doing versus other consumer brands on social media provides an informative and interesting read.

No matter what tack you take, remember content is king. Guest blogging content needs to be interesting, well written and exclusive to that blog, so take the appropriate time developing a hook and writing it to the best of your ability. Happy blogging!

Author bio

With over 15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Ben Padley has worked extensively in local and global marketing roles supporting the agenda of the Chief Marketing Officer. Previously, he was the Global Vice President at Sony Ericsson (now Sony Mobile) and Marketing Director for their UK and Ireland business. Most recently, Ben was Barclaycard’s first Global Digital Director.