Writing great blog posts is a lot like riding a bike, at first you might crash and burn a few times but eventually it just comes naturally. Writing as a whole is a craft that requires a great deal of patience and practice to really get right. If you are forcing the writing upon yourself because you need to fill that void in your business it might take a little longer but if you are a creative person to boot than it might come naturally. Stick to trying different approaches to your writing style and eventually you will find one that works well for you. Great blog writing skills do not happen over night so some home work will be required.Here are 5 important blog marketing steps for your personal or business blog:


Put some love and personality into your writing. Remember that everything you do is an extension of your business personality and that is going to always reflect on how your audience perceives you. Give your audience a reason to chuckle or smile from time to time. Yes I know it is business but business can also be fun.

Internal Links

Internal linking is an important process when it comes to search engine marketing and optimization of your website or blog. Creating internal links in your blog posts that connect to other important service pages or even other blog great ranking blog posts will really help your internal link building structure.


You should always be using some sort of image in your post. It is a proven fact that images in blog posts will decrease your bounce rate and hold a reader much longer than a post that doesn’t use any image. Nobody wants to sit there and read black text on white background without any images to look at because that is just lame.


Now as I write this I know some of you are jamming 100 keywords into your 300 word blog post, don’t do it. When I say keywords I mean utilizing a few throughout your content of the post and not overwhelming the content or the reader with too many keywords. Keep it tasteful and clean and you will see a much better response.

Enough Text

There is no right or wrong amount of text your posts should have but you have to use your best judgment on this one. If your post truly needs 300 words to get its point across but you only want to write 100 it will show in the copy. Take the time and write exactly how much you need to get your message through to your audience.Over time you will understand every single little blog marketing effort you can apply to your business so that your writing goes that extra mile. Your writing will get much healthier over time you just have to keep at it and sharpen your sword consistently.