Step by Step

While many people think that article writing simply involves putting a few words on paper, this is far from the truth. That is why so many aspiring writers are looking for a practical step by step guide to writing an article. By having a range of article writing tips at their disposal to refer to, most people will be able to deliver high quality articles with a little practice.


1. Know What You Want to Write About


Do you know if you need to compile an article about dinosaurs, the habits of a woodpecker or how important it is to save money? That’s great because this is probably the main starting point with regards to using a step by step guide to writing an article. Once you have confirmed the topic of the article, you can then start with doing the appropriate research and gathering the information you need to compile an outstanding article.


2. Research the Topic Thoroughly


Now that you know what you need to write about, the next step is doing the appropriate research that will allow you to write a top quality article. Think it’s going to be easier to simply copy content from another source and pass it off as your own? Don’t. Not only is this classified as plagiarism, but the Google algorithm bots will penalize you for copied content faster than you can say ‘read the article I wrote.’ So rather, take the time and make the effort to compile something original, whether you gather your information from the library or off the internet.


3. Work Without Distractions as Far as Possible


One of the best ways to compile articles of excellent quality is to ensure that you are able to work without being interrupted or disturbed, because you certainly won’t want your readers to be in mourning when they should be reading about the best ways to start their morning! Ensure that your work space is as clutter-free as possible. Although some people concentrate better in a quiet environment, others prefer to type in time to Mozart or Bach. Do whatever works for you.


4. Proofread, Then Proofread Again


So often, writers get confused when it comes to words which may sound similar, but which have entirely different meanings or forget a simple apostrophe. In some cases, this can give an entirely different meaning to a sentence or article. For example, “Knowing your nuts” versus “knowing you’re nuts.” It’s exactly the same spelling (minus a much needed apostrophe) but with an entirely different meaning. Always ensure that you proofread your work before submitting it or sending it to your client in order to avoid potential embarrassment.


5. Submit Your Masterpiece to Your Client


Once you have researched your piece, written it and proofread it (and ensured that you have added all of the appropriate apostrophes), it’s time to submit your written masterpiece to your client. Once they have approved it, you will have a clear conscience knowing that the piece is 100% original and of the best quality that you can supply.

By engaging in this step by step guide to writing an article, you will be able to ensure that your work is outstanding. It is also important to remember that you need to adhere to your client’s deadlines at all times in order to guarantee a regular flow of work from them. Happy writing!