B2B Marketing Social Media

B2B marketing and social media go hand in hand. If you are still trying to identify how you can find leads and visibility in the B2B space social media marketing efforts should be at the very top of your to do list. B2B internet marketing comes in a variety of different flavors and it is important for all businesses to engage in some sort of social media marketing on the internet.

The days of ignoring it because you don’t understand it are no longer a viable option. These days businesses that choose to ignore social media elements lose business to other engaging organizations. Do you really want to lose business?

Here are some ways to get involved with B2B social media marketing for your own business:

Launch a blog

Your B2B business should hands down have a robust blog that is written in daily. Rich media should be incorporated into your blog writing strategy like introducing industry videos, images and any other media that can hold a reader on the page a bit longer.

Leverage that blog

Great! You have been writing in your blog, now what? You have to be willing to push those posts around so you can maximize their visibility as much as possible. Don’t assume just simply writing a post and walking away from it is going to be all you need to do.

Here are some great locations to spread your blog wings:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook fan page
  • LinkedIn Wall & LinkedIn groups
  • Pinterest (must have rich media in post)
  • Stumbleupon
  • Digg
  • Delicious

Some industries might have niche locations where you can submit news and info so you might have to just take a look and see what is available.

Show personality in your efforts

There are many different B2B businesses out there, how are you going to differentiate yourself from all of them? There is nothing worse that reading company blogs that feel like they written by an old boot. Your blog is your company voice and if that voice is unique in nature your social community will share that information.

Build a community

Of course this sounds easier said than done and it can take quite a bit of time to build a strong following but you have to start at some point.

Here are some ways to build fans:

  • Retweet influential Twitter accounts
  • Drop a Facebook Fan Box in your blog sidewall
  • Follow other like minded Twitter accounts
  • Share everything you do in the social space

If you stick to it and you continue to be consistent eventually people will take notice and when I mean people I mean your targeted audience.

Create great content

Content makes the social world go round. A well written blog post your community can use to make their day easier can deliver traffic for years. The goal is to create many of these great posts and eventually you have a nice steady stream of inbound traffic roaring into the station.

B2B Web Marketing

B2B web marketing is something every organization should be conducting to generate leads for their business. The days of just sticking to trade shows or direct marketing efforts are over. If you are an organization that has spent a better part of your company’s life cycle performing offline activities you are going to have to shift gears and perform some B2B internet marketing to gain visibility online.

In this Google B2B marketing video you will see that numbers for digital recognition far outweigh the numbers from almost any other form of web marketing. Search engines still dominate this area which is why B2B SEO is such an integral part of conducting visibility exercises.

When making business purchases B2B customers use:

  • 11% TV
  • 31% direct mail
  • 33% consultants
  • 37% catalogs
  • 39% trade shows
  • 41% professional organizations
  • 71% internet
Top online sources:
  • 42% professional association sites
  • 45% online reviews
  • 51% brand websites
  • 73% search engines

Google B2B Web Marketing Video