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Just like constant updates are vital for success when it comes to blogging the same applies to social media and that is why learning how to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog is so critical.

Fortunately this is something that is a lot easier to accomplish than you think. Do not be scared by the sheer volume of content and updates required to maintain your social media channel as a top generator of both buzz and traffic to your site.

Online news alerts

Folks love interesting news alerts and they are not difficult to do on a very regular basis. There are various reliable sources of all kinds of news online and they can be exploited as one of the ways of how to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog. What works best is when you subscribe to news alerts like Google news alerts where all you need to do is fill in relevant keywords and you will receive daily alerts on the topics chosen that you can then use to create compelling status updates consistently which will keep on attracting friends and followers in large volumes.

Forums, other blogs and relevant message boards

Message boards and forums usually have very interesting conversations going on practically all the time. These will give you an endless stream of new ideas for your social media status updates. As will relevant blogs in your industry.
How to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog:

Content from your every day life

Never lose track of the fact that social media was always meant for socializing and staying in touch with friends and acquaintances wherever in the world they may be. It is therefore no surprise that the most popular posts are those derived from people’s every day life.

What you will need to do is develop the mindset of looking for ideas all around you and in your daily experiences. For example after seeing a movie you can quickly churn out a brief film review. Or if you are reading a book you can write a book review. Both will make for perfect posts that will always attract huge amounts of traffic.

Repost great content

What you need to do is save all the great articles that you come across ready for when you need them. When you need the article simply make a comment and then link to a more detailed version on your blog, or re-post it. Alternatively you can post it and then expand on it and you will end up with great updates on social media.

Create status updates based on old posts

Great posts from the past can also make for compelling status updates.

Do look at other posts for ideas

Other people’s posts will give you great ideas for your own status updates. Just make sure you make a note of the ideas that come to mind as you go through them. You can then look them up your notes later and easily update your status.
You can also answer some of the questions or give your views on what others are saying in the form of a fresh post.

Email interviews

You can use email interviews to collect great content which should be useful for future blog posts but meanwhile this is exactly how to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog. Interview subjects are fairly easy to get on social media and you can start with your followers and friends whom you know to have expertise in certain areas of interest.

Share history tidbits of your niche

History is fascinating and a great way to understand anything more deeply. Finding historical facts linked to your niche online is very easy. Just go to the Google search engine and type in the relevant keyword phrases linked to various historical periods of interest. Choose the most interesting facts and you will have in your hands a string of great status updates that will always prove to be immensely popular.


It should now be crystal clear that there is no excuse to neglect making regular updates just because you are not generating new articles and sites on your blog site. There are numerous ideas that you can use and this is how to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog.

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Jason Smith has been in the internet marketing industry for more than 6 years. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to visit social media channels like Facebook , Twitter.

Make Blog Standout


I started a paper business in my homeland 9 months ago but couldn’t grow the company because, of the fierce competition. Almost everybody in my homeland was into paper business and I couldn’t figure out how to make my business stand out from others—which lead to the extinction of the business.

You can never make money blogging if you copy or do what are others are doing.


Let me tell you something you don’t know


Successful people are inventors. They are world changers. They are people who always seek to capitalize on their weaknesses and find new ways they can improve the quality of their product or services. Take for instance, Bamidele Oni, Glen Allsorp, Brain Clark, and Tom Ewer. These guys are humans like you and me; but how were they able to achieve so much blogging?

Take for instance Bamidele Oni: he blogs about guest blogging and freelance writing, Tom Ewer also blogs about motivation tips and freelance blogging; Glen Allsorp, the same thing. They all have their areas of specialization. They singled out themselves by specializing in just one niche.

You should also do the same. Don’t go into blogging because you heard that others are making millions doing it– blog because you love it; do it because you want to help give lives a meaning. You may be wondering why I’ve not even touched the main subject of this post, but, I believe it’s not really want I want to pass here that matters but what you’ll do with what I pass across.
How can you make your blog stand out in a tough niche?

How can you single out your blog from ‘others’?

Don’t worry, I’ll answers these questions and also give you some tips that you can apply to grow your business.


1. Start with your blog theme–make it different


Look at your graphics– is it presentable? If it’s not, consider hiring the services of a graphic designer.

Use a different color.

Change your typography.

Hint: Give your blog a fresh look by adding a few photos of yourself on the side bar and ‘’about me’’ page.

Add a video on your ‘’about me’’ page– leave your Skype and Google Talk Id on your contact page. Encourage your visitors to email or Skype you anytime they have questions.

Just do things that’ll make your blog different.  Remember, be unique– that’s what will make you money on the long run.


2. Don’t copy your competitors–create a unique opt-in give away


If you’re building your list from your blog, don’t be tempted to offer the same kind of giveaway everybody offers. No. Don’t do that. Instead, make research, scan through your blog comments or send an email broadcast to your subscribers asking if there’s anything you can do to help them.

Create an opt-in giveaway such as a free eBook or report that solves ‘’those’’ needs.

Hint: Make your give-away stand out.

If you think, you’re not good at writing, then consider hiring a the services of a professional web content writer. Even if it takes, cash from your pocket do it! You’ll have yourself to thank in the future.


3. Don’t disguise– be a real person– leave them feel you



Be a real person. Send a personal ‘’thank you’’ email to those who share or make comments on any of your posts.


4. Standout–be different


It’s not enough to have the best blog design or content. Think about making changes to your site’s look different.. That’s the best way to stand out and become a top authority figure in a tough niche.


Your turn to dazzle me


Did this post inspire you? Let me know what you have in mind. Le’ts talk in the comments section.


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Daniel Adetunji is a seasoned Professional web content writer who offers professional web content writing services to online entrepreneurs.

If you want to grow your sales, traffic, generate more subscribers and engage your audience, HIRE DANIEL to write quality articles and web contents for you.

Your website or blog does not serve any purpose if the major search engines are not able to find it. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method by which you can make your blog as well as your website search engine-friendly. You can learn SEO techniques easily by doing a research on the internet.

Listed below are 5 effective online resources that will teach you various SEO techniques:

1. Online Tutorials

Online tutorials that teach SEO techniques are a great way to start. Most of these tutorials are available free of cost and are written in a lucid manner. For a beginner, these tutorials are very helpful because some of these tutorials provide detailed steps on how you should apply SEO techniques to your website or blog. You can even download the tutorials on your PC or your e-reader and read them at your convenience.

2. E-books or paper books

SEO is a very common topic in the virtual world. Hence, you will get a host of e-books written on this subject. You will find both free and paid e-books dedicated on SEO techniques. If you wish to spend some money on real books on the topic of SEO then you can buy many of them from any of the online shopping portals.

3. Blogs

Look for blogs, which have content on SEO techniques. Type in the keyword like seo techniques tutorials in the search engine and you will get a list of blogs. In fact, it is very useful to choose the blogs that have appeared on the first page of the search list generated by the search engine. It shows that the writer of the blog does have proficiency in the SEO techniques and that is why, his or her blog has received a higher ranking.

4. Articles

The internet has many article directories that offer a pool of knowledge pertaining to any topic under the sun. These directories are accessible free of cost and provide a number of articles on SEO techniques. Hence, a good place to start learning SEO techniques is these article directories and you will get important tips on how you can optimize your website or blog in an effective way and get huge traffic.

5. Forums

Forums are live discussion portals, which come very handy when you are learning anything new. These forums are visited by experts and they use their knowledge to help the members of the forums.

You can start threads when you want questions or doubts regarding SEO techniques answered. In forums, whenever a person has a question, he or she starts a thread by asking the question. You too can join a forum and can start a thread. Soon, you will get responses for your query.

The web offers a huge reservoir of knowledge, which you can access and utilize for optimizing your website or blog. Use the above-mentioned resources to get started on learning SEO techniques. Soon, you will gain expertise in optimizing your blog or site and make these a favorite of the major search engines.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article blog posts on that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on social media devices.

Google WordPress Plugin

WordPress has become a very popular blogging platform for a variety of obvious reasons. What started off as just a blogging platform years ago has now turned into a very important website building technology that many organizations large and small use every single day to build awareness. WordPress has also developed a large community of developers that are always looking to improve the platform by developing easy to use plugins that could be used for a variety resources to enhance any WordPress website.


Google has recently came out with an official Google Webmaster verification plugin to help WP users install Google Webmaster Tools on their WordPress website. If you are or want to be a WordPress power user plugins like this are going to be very important for future growth. Google Webmaster Tools is very important if you want to take the success of your online marketing serious.


For webmasters with self-hosted WordPress blogs, there’s now a Webmaster Tools site verifcation plugin for WordPress that completely automates our verification process! You can install it directly from the “Install Plugins” control panel built into your WordPress blog, or you can download the ZIP file from the WordPress plugin site. This plugin can only be used by self-hosted WordPress blogs; it can’t be installed on blogs hosted on


Google Webmaster Tools Plugin

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There are thousands of blogs in the search results leaving you to really have to think outside of the box not only to get visitors to your site but also to have them create some sort of action once they get there. Here are some basic blog marketing ideas that I think simply go hand in hand right now in making a blog successful in any niche.

No Free Blogs

If you are serious about turning your blog into something more than just a hobby you are going to have to remove yourself from the free blogging platform. Typepad, Blogger and the Free WordPress versions are not going to cut it if you want to turn your blog into a business. Purchase a custom domain name and have a self hosted blog. These days you can get one for around $15 per/month with some hosting companies.

Good Design

Yes design is very subjective and you won’t please everyone but good design elements are always very important, things like the types of buttons that you use or if all your images are sized properly make a big difference in the eyes of your audience. Keeping things clean and consistent without a great deal of clutter is important for good overall design.

Call To Actions

If you want someone to do something on your blog you are going to have to give them the opportunity to do it. Don’t ever assume that your web traffic is just going to find what you want them to do. You have to display it all times regardless of what page they go to. If it is an online store or a newsletter sign up make sure it is clear and visible in the right location on every page of your blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Very important because the search engines need to be able to ping your blog and pull in your posts for others to find in search queries. Most blogging platforms today have many different plugins you can use to make this process very easy but understanding your industry keywords and introducing them into your writing as you go will help you out over time. Plus if you really want your blog to rank in search results eventually you will have to perform some sort of ink building activities just to fuel the belly of the beast a bit.

Social Media Marketing

Social media and blogging go hand in hand so if you really want to build up an audience and start getting some followers coming to your website you are going to have to push out your blog posts a little further. This means using Twitter and Facebook along with all the various social bookmarking websites out there designed to help you market your blog.

Good Content

Content is the driving force to a blog so you have to make sure it is somewhat good. If you don’t enjoy writing and you are forcing it quite a bit you might want to rethink starting your own blog because you have to really enjoy the writing part.Approach your blog like a business rather than a hobby and over time you will see it shift gears quite a bit. Nothing in life is easy and owning a successful blog takes time, patience and passion to really get moving. Don’t get frustrated just keep putting out good content and over time things will pan out.


Writing great blog posts is a lot like riding a bike, at first you might crash and burn a few times but eventually it just comes naturally. Writing as a whole is a craft that requires a great deal of patience and practice to really get right. If you are forcing the writing upon yourself because you need to fill that void in your business it might take a little longer but if you are a creative person to boot than it might come naturally. Stick to trying different approaches to your writing style and eventually you will find one that works well for you. Great blog writing skills do not happen over night so some home work will be required.Here are 5 important blog marketing steps for your personal or business blog:


Put some love and personality into your writing. Remember that everything you do is an extension of your business personality and that is going to always reflect on how your audience perceives you. Give your audience a reason to chuckle or smile from time to time. Yes I know it is business but business can also be fun.

Internal Links

Internal linking is an important process when it comes to search engine marketing and optimization of your website or blog. Creating internal links in your blog posts that connect to other important service pages or even other blog great ranking blog posts will really help your internal link building structure.


You should always be using some sort of image in your post. It is a proven fact that images in blog posts will decrease your bounce rate and hold a reader much longer than a post that doesn’t use any image. Nobody wants to sit there and read black text on white background without any images to look at because that is just lame.


Now as I write this I know some of you are jamming 100 keywords into your 300 word blog post, don’t do it. When I say keywords I mean utilizing a few throughout your content of the post and not overwhelming the content or the reader with too many keywords. Keep it tasteful and clean and you will see a much better response.

Enough Text

There is no right or wrong amount of text your posts should have but you have to use your best judgment on this one. If your post truly needs 300 words to get its point across but you only want to write 100 it will show in the copy. Take the time and write exactly how much you need to get your message through to your audience.Over time you will understand every single little blog marketing effort you can apply to your business so that your writing goes that extra mile. Your writing will get much healthier over time you just have to keep at it and sharpen your sword consistently.