Blog Post Types for Traffic

In today’s online marketplace, content marketing is one of the most efficient marketing strategies. It can generate positive short and long term results, and it becomes passive and free after everything’s set. Text-based content is the most used form of content nowadays, and people leverage blog posts in order to generate traffic.


Good blog posts that catch people’s attention is the fuel that facilitates the main engine of websites and blogs. The better the blog posts, the more traffic your blog will receive, and the more you can profit from it. If your blog posts are extremely relevant, unique, and impeccable, you will have the following benefits:


1. Search Engine Rankings


Google, Yahoo, AOL, and so many other search engines will begin to index your content and display it as a relevant first page result for different sets of keywords. So when someone searches for something, your blog posts will be the ones who will capture the attention.


Here’s an example from our blog. 8 of the top 10 landing pages for our site are blogs. These blogs deliver residual traffic.




2. Social Media Shares


Successful blog posts sometimes become viral; therefore, your blog will be flooded with a lot of traffic. You’ll be able to sell more products and services in no time!


Here are some resources on some of the most popular posts of this past year:



3. Direct Advertising


I’m strictly referring to two forms of direct advertising. First is the backlinks that you’ll receive after publishing a valuable instructional blog post for example. The second one is the word-of-mouth marketing, which happens through the use of social media communication channels or through face-to-face interactions.


Now let’s get a little practical and talk about the best types of blog posts that can bring you more page views and an improved business performance:


1. How-To Guides and Tutorials

When people enter the web, they’re looking for something. What could it be? Well, most of the search strings are questions. People tend to ask Google something, and expect to get the best answer. If your business is solving other people’s problems and needs, you can start writing how-to guides and tutorials that show the explanation to your target audience’s issues.


Blog posts are the perfect content format which is meant to train and teach someone how to do something. It could be anything; how to workout, how to learn, how to paint, how to do business, and basically every possible subject that’s out there. Nowadays, we live in a digital era in which every subject and domain of activity are filled with information.


You can be the one who educates your interested buyers how to solve something through the use of your products or through the use of affiliate products. These types of blog posts capture a lot of attention and they’re extremely profitable in sales.


Here are some resources on how to write a kick-butt how to blog post:



2. “Top 10 X, Y, Z”

We all know the “Top Ten Tips On How To Do X Activity/Thing”. These type of articles gain a lot of social media traction and are extremely easy to write. You just decide upon an article subject, and you find ten assembling facts/tips/strategies concerning that subject. Exactly like the article you’re reading right now.


Think about it, why did you start reading this article in the first place? Well, an answer could be the fact that you’re used to this form of content, and you find it easy to digest and remember. It’s all organized, and it usually contains straight-to-the-point information.


3. Controversial Subjects

Controversial subjects are a great way to capture the eye of your future readers. Find a subject that could be either sarcastically stated through a title, or find something that is actually controversial and you believe it would gain interest. It could be a controversial idea about something, a controversial statement (but watch it), and something basically out of the ordinary.


People are extremely curious and intrigued by these types of titles. Imagine reading a subject like: “President Obama Hasn’t Told the Whole Truth About The Journey to Mars”. It’s something that makes you click. You want to know what he has hidden. This type of statement is kind of controversial; usually these subjects are overly exaggerated.


That’s why you must not overcome the limits of common sense and decency.


4. Infographics

Infographics, if we split the words, it results: information + graphics. It’s basically a long “kind of” article with a lot of statistics, text, and graphic content like images. An infographic’s purpose is to educate the reader/viewer in a short period of time. All the information is written strictly to the point, making it more like a map of information.


5. In-Depth Product Reviews

Product reviews are also a good way of getting more traffic to your blog or website. I’m not talking about the 300 words product reviews. I’m speaking of in-depth explanations of how a product works, how it solves your problems, and why it’s completely important to purchase it. These products are reviews are usually written by professional copywriters who know how to pitch products and services.



Blog posts are a gold mine when it comes to traffic generation. You can get so many page views by making few of your blog posts rank better in the SERP’s and also make them popular across social media. With a little bit of your time, effort, and commitment, you will be able to improve your blog’s popularity and the number of your sales.


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