Successful Blog Tips

With the internet being so crowded with countless number of blogs on varied topics from arts and heritage to science and fiction, it might come as a tough challenge to you to make yours stand out among the rest. What you need is to get people return to you for more, increase your visitors and most importantly, have a loyal following.

There are a number of tips and tricks to get success to your blog and in turn, get more business.

Here are top 10 strategies to create a successful blog:

1. Getting started

The first and foremost challenge that you come across is to choose the platform to blog on. There are a number of options to choose from including WordPress, TypePad, Blogger etc that are free to use. Almost all the free ones offer design themes to enable you customize your blog and therefore it is very easy to get started. You can also make use of the online tutorials that can be found on the web to help you in your beginning.

2. Consider integration

It is recommended to integrate your blog with your website to enable good SEO. This will help you generate content and consequently make the search engines pay more attention to you. However if you cannot do this out of your inability to find a web developer, the least you can do is include links to your main website and to your portfolio.

3. Find a niche

Try and come up with something very specific and avoid writing general stuff. By targeting your writings towards a particular niche, you will please both your readers as well as the search engines. Just go for your niche and do not get off the topic.

4. Get social

You cannot afford to neglect social media like Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to integrate them with your RSS feeds and keep your followers updated with your current posts.

5. Get personal

It is advised to reveal yourself in front of your readers and it is sure the readers will love you even more for it. It is a known fact that people love to follow people more than brands. Do not forget to add an “About the author” section and if possible, have a photograph of yourself. This will enable you to tap into the reader’s emotions and hence encourage loyalty that translates into happy and returning visitors.

6. Images, images and more images

There are no two ways about the fact that people love images and pay more attention to blogs with more of them. A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures generate visual interest and enable visitors to quickly scan through web pages. For a creative blog, images are all the more essential to give the audience a faster transition into the mood that you want them to be in while reading.

7. Offer value

The aim is to provide what the reader wants. Make your readers realize that you are offering them real valuable stuff. This value can only be displayed in your content. It is anybody’s guess that a non valuable content will attract no readers and gradually diminish your popularity. Do make sure that what you put there is what people really want.

8. Encourage interaction

Encourage people to voice themselves on your blog. Ask them for their valuable comments and start discussions. Request for feedback, have a community and be nice to them. Ignore any negative remarks and accept them honestly. Make sure to we welcoming and friendly.

9. Give your posts punchy titles

Make an endeavor to have a catchy title. Title your posts keeping in mind what people are looking for in search engines. The aim is to inspire curiosity in people and draw them towards your content.

10. Keep it regular

Consider your blog to be like an online journal and make sure you give it the necessary fillip regularly. Keep your blog updated with a good frequency of new articles. It is advised to post at least two new articles per week to keep your reader’s interest. Should SEO be your priority, you need to blog daily. Make use of the scheduling tool to post articles as per schedule even if you are away from your desk for some reason.

Finally it is very important to proof read what you have written as neither search engines nor the readers appreciate a poor copy. Spelling mistakes are a strict no.

These 10 strategies, if followed in letter and spirit will go a long way in giving due returns to your blog and making it a successful one.

Author Bio:

Jason Smith is an online manager for Highconcrete – one of the leading precast concrete companies. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.