book marketing


Marketing a book is one of the most challenging parts of being an author, which is why most writers use a book marketing service to manage their marketing needs.


When you write a great story, you hope to get it in front of as many people as possible. But how do you set that up? How can you plan a successful book launch or bring a dormant book back to life? Here, I will give you some practical advice on planning a successful book launch or breathing fresh life into an old one. You will be able to meet a lot of new people this way.


1. Go Live On YouTube

YouTube has grown immensely popular over the last decade. Videos of all types have become common, from recorded podcasts to musical auditions. So, who says that you cannot leverage the fame of YouTube to increase your book sales? It makes no change what type of book you have authored. Instead, take a chapter from your book and read it aloud as if you were reading it to admirers.


As you invoke their personas in your vocalization, give them a taste of who you wrote your characters to be or how you want your real-life nonfiction subjects to be perceived. However, if you are wondering who will view such videos, don’t be concerned! Now, you have to hire a book marketing services and leave the rest to them.


2. Outdoor Events

Outdoor events might be an enjoyable alternative to reading in a bookshop. Make some simple occupational cards that include your book and your website and social media sites, and hand them out to anyone who comes to your outdoor book events. You can also set up a pile of your book copies ready to sell right there! This technique works for both fiction and nonfiction books, but it’s especially result-driven with children’s books.


3. Designing Appealing Facebook Advertisements

Facebook Ads is one tool that can help you create a lot of attention in return for a modest investment. All you need to do is target the relevant audience and add a creative touch to your advertisements. This way, you can reach a large audience for the price of a coffee daily. Advertise a fantastic place or a character from your book to encourage your audience to visit your advertisement. You have definitely seen those Facebook game commercials with a warrior fighting mystical creatures. This attracts so many people because they first become absorbed in character while provoking the desire to discover about or virtually become that character.


Suppose your story is situated on a battlefield; research photographs of battlefields and utilize them as the background. Write about the battleground and include a CTA like “Read what occurs on the battlefield.” If you do the same with your main character or a few of your characters, you will find that people will want to read your book because of their inherent curiosity.


4. Introduce Merchandise Related To Your Book

Who doesn’t like a cool shirt or mug? Merchandise sales generate additional revenue while also offering free global exposure! You can raise awareness by inventing amusing phrases or characters for some essential merchandise elements. Everything from political activity to amusing children’s books can help your book gain traction and sell successfully online. Many websites, such as Etsy, make it easy to sell your items with little effort. Mugs, sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, and keychains all help disseminate your story.


5. Give Away Free Samples

Customers love free products, whether a little package of fresh frozen sausages from the grocery store or a sample from your book. Consider delivering a chapter as a present to your readers. You also could publish the excerpt on a book platform where readers can download it. Include a newsletter with a sign-up option so you can communicate with them through marketing campaigns to let them remember your book.


6. Develop An Author Website

The first step in marketing a product is to create a website that displays and sells it. There’s no excuse not to create a website for your book now that there are many free website-building tools online. Even if you already have an author website, take the time to establish one specifically for your book. A book marketing service can also help you develop a professional author website. To make your website more user-friendly, choose photos that symbolize your book and plot. It doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.


Write creative content or utilize excerpts from your book, then submit your website to search engines like Bing and Google for indexing and visibility. Moreover, to enhance your search engine rankings, include links to your book so a user can purchase it directly.


7. Hold Contests And Giveaways On Social Media

Even better than a free sample of your book is a free book or free products! To attract new readers and build interest in your work, host a giveaway. Anything from a gift card to a whole book or a freebie can be given away. Presents like gift cards can be marketed on social media and in newsletters. Use hashtags and look up what’s trending on Twitter to figure out when the optimum time is to join the conversation.


8. Craft Visuals That Stand Out

Developing artistic visuals to go with it is just as vital as creating a creative cover. Excerpts are teasers from a book that generally feature a memorable or key remark from the book, which is likely to pique your readers’ curiosity. Suppose you don’t have the necessary design skills. In that case, a book marketing service can help because social media professionals know how to combine images and content to delight your audience.


9. Collaborate With Other Writers

Connecting with authors is an excellent way to spread the word regarding your book. Hundreds of thousands of self-published authors exist, yet it’s a welcoming community. So, if you are willing to help one author, there is a high chance that a dozen more will do the same for you. Encourage them to post about their efforts on social media and request that they do the same. Then, create a podcast and promote it through social media and your website.


10. Design Ad Campaigns

If your budget allows, you can simply engage a book marketing service to create and handle your book’s marketing efforts. They have seasoned specialists that are well-versed in marketing channels and tactics that provide results. So, running ad campaigns with a book marketing service is the best option if you want to reach a large audience with your book.



I hope these suggestions are useful for marketing your new or previous book! Some of these will require a financial commitment to be effective, but there are lots of methods for an intelligent author to advertise their book for little to nothing.