Bootstrapped Budget?

If you are in the process of launching a new business online or you have one that has never seen any marketing online you will quickly see that things cost money once you get rolling. Hiring professionals to tackle every aspect of your search engine marketing, advertising costs on various platforms and web design & development can quickly turn your manageable overhead to something that triggers beads of sweat to drip down your forehead. You need to pick and choose your battles closely because the search space is infinite and just because you spend countless hours on Facebook does not necessarily mean that is the right location for you to attract attention. You have to really think about what is going to bring you the most bang for either your buck or your time if you plan on executing this stuff yourself. If you are looking for a cost effective approach to market your website online there are plenty of elements that cost very little money you just need to find the time to execute them…properly.

Writing & Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very powerful choice for any business looking to spread their wings online. Written correctly and leveraged properly content marketing can bring a great deal of traffic and visibility to a website. Sure you can sit there and spend time trying to write a series of white papers and become frustrated but you don’t have to. Start by writing some short articles, possibly around 250-350 words so you can start getting the feel for writing in your space. Try and utilize some of your industry keywords throughout your content and make your content title be a healthy mix of clever language & SEO efforts.

Launching a Blog

Launching a blog and actively writing in it is probably one of the best methods to consistently pulling in new website traffic. Not only does a company blog show personality and stability in an online organization but it also doesn’t cost anything to write in a blog. The only thing it will cost you is time which may or may not be expensive depending on what it is that you do. Wait, don’t anywhere yet, you still have to move those blog posts around a bit so people actually see them. Social bookmarking, Twitter, Facebook and a variety of other locations will become your best friend in order to lure new readers over to your blog.

Social Media Marketing & Networking

Blog commenting, social media interaction and overall exposure in the social space does not cost you anything but time either. I do understand that for many time is as important as money but if you are not visible anywhere online and your revenues are drying up day by day than you can’t afford to not be visible any longer. Websites like LinkedIn and Quora are some of my favorite areas to interact with other like-minded individuals. Leaving comments and answering questions that others in your space might have might seem tedious but eventually it will turn into some leads you just have to be patient with it. It allows you put yourself or your brand into the right light online.