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We’ve all seen how rapidly the use of video is growing. The number of videos created for marketing or brand-building purposes increases in huge strides every day, and you don’t want your brand to be left behind.


There are hundreds of ways to use video, but using video in these 6 ways will help you strengthen your brand. Let’s learn how you should start using video today.


1. Always Tell A Story

Selling a product and making your brand more noticeable in videos doesn’t always have to focus on the “sales” aspect. Instead, try to focus on the story in some of your video marketing.

Storytelling connects your brand with your audience in a more raw, emotional way. Instead of buying into a singular product, a storytelling video helps your customers to buy into the feeling and emotions of your brand.


Personalized video can tell a beautiful story that will touch the hearts of customers, employees, and future partners.

2. Ignite Emotions Through Promotions

It’s become common knowledge that one of the reasons video marketing is so much more engaging to modern audiences is because of the way that visuals can ignite more emotional connections than traditional media marketing.

One great way to harness these emotions is to work with promotional partners that have their own audiences that align with your own target audience.


Consumers may be skeptical about adding a brand they have not heard of before to their “trust” list. By working with promotional partners such as Youtube vloggers, popular bloggers, or well-known community voices, you can build this type of trust in your brand.

3. Go “Live” With Your Brand

Live action video gives your brand a level of authenticity that you simply cannot manufacture. This means that taking advantage of the live features on social media outlets such as Facebook and Snapchat can build a stronger backing for your brand.


Not all live-action videos need to be broadcast in real-time for the authenticity to help your brand grow. Simply creating videos that bring the true face of your brand to life through the daily situations that happen within your company is enough to give consumers a first-hand experience of what your brand stands for.

4. Let Your Customers Testify On Your Behalf

Testimonials are a great way to strengthen your brand’s reputation, and all it takes is working with already existing customers to share your message.


Turn customers into your brand ambassadors. This will build trust because hearing and seeing people on camera helps future consumers make subconscious but very real connections to the message. That’s what makes video so relatable!


Work with your customers to create a message that you not only value your customer’s feedback, but you also want to engage more customers.

5. Have A Call To Action

No matter what type of video marketing you decide to use to continue building your brand, make sure that you always include a direct call to action for the video’s audience.


What is the goal of the video? Do you want them to watch more of your content, purchase a product, or send your feedback? No matter what the end goal is, make sure to tell your audience what you would like them to do. You need to ask the audience clearly if you expect to see results.


Always add a message asking something of your audience at the end of your videos. If they have taken the time to watch the content, they are your best chance to build up a following for your brand.

6. Strengthen From The Inside

Building your brand doesn’t always involve outside video marketing. In fact, using videos within your company is a great way to make your employees feel more connected to your brand.


Employees are the best advocates you could have for your brand, so it’s important for them to feel valued and connected to the brand they are working with. It’s been proven that brand messages shared by employees are re-shared 24 times more than those distributed only by the brand, proving that employee advocates have a lot of power.


Create content that excites and engages your employees on a regular basis. These videos will be a welcome break from text and email correspondence. When the time comes, they’ll be ready to share your brand message with the world!


Using video in these versatile ways will help your brand grow more robust and help you stand out from the crowd.


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VideoRemix is a video software company that allows users to create, edit, personalize, and publish production-quality video campaigns to engage their audience. Clients can feature these personalized videos on websites, landing pages, video-sharing sites, and Facebook.

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