branded folders


In the modern corporate landscape, where cutthroat competition is the norm, it pays to stand out from the crowd.  


However, “standing out” shouldn’t amount to playing dirty. You don’t need to suspend the rulebook to get ahead of the competition. Not when you can deploy seemingly ineffective but ultimately rewarding marketing techniques, such as branded folders.  


Branded folders can help give your company the exposure it needs without spending a dime. These folders provide a silent, non-confrontational approach to marketing.  


Wondering what branded folders are and how they work?  


Well, you’re in luck.  


Read below to uncover the power of branded folders in the competitive market


What Are Branded Folders? 

Branded folders are essentially folders printed with branding materials. These folders contain official information, such as company logos and taglines. However, you could also print a branded folder with personal details like your name or favorite quote.  


Branded folders are also known as presentation folders. That’s probably because they enhance the holder’s presentability, allowing them to stand out from the crowd.  


However, note that the term “presentation folder” also applies broadly to any folder that holds documents for protection and organization purposes. 


Why Do You Need Branded Folders? 

Branded folders provide an excellent way to increase your brand’s exposure.  


Whether meeting a client or attending a corporate dinner, holding a marked folder lets everyone know the company you present. This silent marketing technique can give your brand the exposure it needs in a competitive environment.  


Below are additional reasons to invest in a branded folder; 


1. Cost Effective


Waging a successful marketing campaign remains a huge challenge for many businesses. Poor marketing is among the top reasons most startups fail.  


Not only can investing in branded folders optimize your primary marketing methods, but These folders are also remarkably cost-effective.  


Besides the initial purchase and branding price, branded folders don’t attract ongoing maintenance costs. They’re akin to paying a one-off fee for a lifetime roadside billboard advertisement.  


2. Subtle Way to Market Your Brand


Hard selling used to be the most popular promotion technique in the past. Businesses had to bombard prospective clients with roadside flyers, junk mail, cold calls, or unsolicited mobile notifications to have a fighting chance at lead generation.  


company branded folders


However, that’s all in the past. Marketers have since switched to discrete methods, such as branded folders.  


Showing up with a branded folder lets you pass on your essential company information to potential customers without being too obvious. It also helps to cement your brand into your existing customers’ minds. 


3. Help You Break the Ice


Awkward moments of silence aren’t only synonymous with people on a maiden date. They’re also common in corporate events.  


Branded folders let you skip the preliminaries when you need to strike up a quick conversation with a fellow event attendee. The other person will instantly identify the company you represent by checking out the prints on your branded folders.  


In large corporate events, a branded folder can help you draw the attention of like-minded and potential partners. They’re an excellent way to make a lasting first impression. 


4. Make You Look Professional


Two company executives have a date with a prospective high-value investor. One executive appears in a plain folder, and the other in a branded folder.  


All other factors are constant, and the guy with the branded folder is more likely to bag the contract.  


Branded folders add an extra layer of professionalism to your ensemble. They give the impression that you’re proud of your company. 


5. Let You Organize Your Documents


Besides their bells and whistles, branded folders also serve the primary purpose of regular presentation folders – helping you hold and organize crucial documents.  


Some folders have compartments that let you sort your documents for easy retrieval. There are slots for smaller docs like copies of your identification and compartments for larger papers like contracts and reports.  


With a branded folder, you can whip out any document from its pocket without looking too hard. That’s another excellent way to make a great impression on potential clients.


Scenarios That Require Using Branded Folders 

Branded folders may be ideal in the following different scenarios; 


  • Meeting (old, new, or prospective) clients 
  • Attending a stakeholders’ meeting 
  • Meeting a potential investor or business partner 
  • Attending corporate events, such as dinners, workshops, and award ceremonies 


However, you don’t only require branded folders for engagements outside your company. You could also display these folders during your regular business meetings. It helps to foster brand loyalty among your employees. 


Another classic use case of branded folders is sending items from your company to clients or other stakeholders.  


For instance, when mailing a contract or proposal to a potential business partner, you might consider wrapping it in a branded folder. It’s an intelligent way to woo the other person, considering they could receive dozens of similar offers.  


Branded folders also make excellent packaging materials for certain commodities, such as stationery.   


Wrap Up 

Folder branding is an intricate process that requires professional assistance. Remember to contact a reputable printing company for all your folder branding needs.  


Insist on a firm that provides customized services. That includes picking your desired folder material and size and the print fonts, sizes, and colors.