Brand Building

In the business world, brand recognition can make or break your future customers and revenue. Don’t let your business suffer due to poor brand recognition. Use your head and get more visible with what resources you have. These six ideas are a great place to start.


Color is Key

When choosing your color palette, make sure you are specific and keep records of exactly which color your brand uses. Both by name on computer programs as well as physical paper colors. This will come in handy when you are working with printers and designers. Colour Lovers is a website that can help you build your perfect palette and when you’re done, you’ll have the specific colors that mark your brand.


color and branding

Credit: The Logo Company

Consider Your Brand Language

Your language must be consistent in everything you put out. From recorded phone messages, to emails, to web pages make sure your words stay consistent. Educate employees on key words and phrases that your company uses. A company that wants to be perceived as laid-back, will use very different brand language from one that wants to be seen as strong and professional.


Keep Your Message Strong

Your company tagline and physical space can be great ways to convey your message, but don’t neglect the little things, even the verbiage in your emails should reinforce your company’s message and vision. You can even put in details into the packaging of your products. Include your brand name, colors and identifying details in some unique way to display or package the product. Companies like Contempo Card can help you with designs and make sure the impact lasts in customer’s minds.




Know What Makes You Unique

Find out what makes your brand unique and use that in every aspect of your marketing. Make sure your potential clients understand what makes you different from your competitors and why they should choose you. You can use everything above to reinforce this brand uniqueness.


Make A Positive Impact

Sponsoring an event, donating time or resources, providing a donated service, all of these things can be some of your most potent marketing. This will create a strong positive message around your brand that will help your clients remember you and think of you in a positive light.


Over Deliver

It seems like a simple concept, but how you treat your clients will be the strongest building block of your brand recognition. Your potential clients will hear what friends say about your brand and shape the way they feel about you and your business. Make sure you deliver what you say you will, and go above and beyond when clients or customers discover a problem. Having a good image is all about how you act and want to be perceived.


A brand may not be built overnight but with these six tips, you will be able to get a head start in standing out from the pack. Your brand identity is one of the most important parts of your success so give it the care it deserves.