Link Building

Link building is one of those marketing parts that can be rather mystifying but like everything in life it involves awareness, involvement and an open mind to attack appropriately. Regrettably there are many phony link building solutions out there that assure a company all the gold in Fort Knox and do not provide any value leaving tired business proprietors contaminated about the whole link building progression. Link building entails some of the clear, some of the unclear and a whole lot of the exceptional to provide the strength needed to get websites moving how they should.

Here are some of the most important factors of building good solid links:

Basic Free Directories

There are many free directories out there but only a small segment are actually worth wasting anytime on. Those 1,000 phony directories that came with the service you purchased are not going to do much for your business from a quality standpoint. Make sure to only submit your info to the cream of the crop general directories.

Niche Business Directories

Most trades have some sort of niche directories where a professional business can list their general business data. Some are free and some require some sort of monetary transaction but a niche business directory can many times give off a great deal of power to a website.

General Business Listings

There are many locations online devoted to registering your business. Most of these online locations offer robust business descriptions, company logos and fields to offer a direct link. Certain listings sometimes offer numerous web links along with the use of anchor text which is great for search engine optimization.

Local Business Directories

Is your business located near an urban area? Chances are there are a number of local town and city websites where a company can list their specific information. These online listing locations are also great because they tend to rank for your company name which brings a variation of other benefits to the game.

Social Profiles

Many claim that free social media business profiles have no power or value to link building, I disagree. Sometimes it requires an open mind to see the true link benefits from a social media profile.

Press Releases

If you have something interesting to say you will get picked up by other industry bloggers and writers helping you spread those PR links even further across your business space.

Article Distribution

Article distribution works great when you write something that can clearly stand the test of time in the search space. This is typically because good writing pieces generate links which in turn generate stabile rankings allowing your article to anchor itself into place.

Blogger Outreach

Reaching out to bloggers will eventually be an important part of generating links to a website. This does require some time and patience along with being very tolerant because not every blogger will reach back or even respond to you. Some will even respond and be not so nice about it.

Online Videos

A well-produced online video might cost a great deal of cash but websites like Animoto have allowed less funded companies to be able to put together their own company videos which they can dispense through sites like YouTube and Vimeo to obtain those much needed links pointing to their site. Most video locations also allow you to have a really nicely built profile as well building your brand online.