Call to Action


Do you want your customers to do something for you? Do you want your clients to reach your goals? Then you have to tell it to them in a specific and effective way – through a Call-to-Action.


A Call-to-Action is that little incentive you see on websites or in emails and that tells you to take action.


Here are some examples: Sign up now! Call us today! See our video! Leave us a comment!


When talking about Call-to-Action you already know that you have to pay attention to many things like visibility, color, size, font and phrase.


Call to Action


In this article we will talk about the last element we’ve mentioned in the list above: phrase. We will tell you how you can build powerful CTA phrases that will help you increase your conversion rate.


So, let’s get started!


Mention urgency


First of all, I’m sure you want your customers to act right here and right now. So you have to tell this to your clients – show them that this is the perfect moment to take action. A time limitation makes your calls to action a bit stronger because it adds a sense of urgency.


The most common word that people use to express urgency is “now”: Buy now! Subscribe now! Donate now! The urgency can be expressed in other ways, too: Order Today! Visit us this week! Call us within the next 2 hours! – Yes, you have many options, but the best formula is the one that fits your offer.


call to action 2


Use actionable language


This means that you need to use some strong words that can encourage your customers to take action: Download, Add, Subscribe, Donate, Read, Register, Change, Fight, Explore, Fight and so one. The verbs you use in your call to action phrases depend on what you want your customers to do and then to tell it straight.


Writing a call to action is more effective when the audience is only required to complete one task. Multiple phrases asking the audience to perform various tasks can be confusing and the public may lose interest when they think there is a lot of work involved.


call to action 3


Keep it short and clear


When you write a Call-to-action you have to keep it short and concise because you don’t have a lot of space. You need to go straight to the point. Tell them exactly what you want in as fewer words as you can. Linked to this tip is the simplicity one – make sure you have only one Call-to-Action and that you focus your efforts on it. Think about your main goal and work for it.


call to action 4


Now that you have these tips we’re sure you better understand how powerful Call-to-Action work and will be easier for you to create them for now on. Remember that the only secret formula is practice. In time, your call to actions ideas will become more effective.


Please don’t forget that if you want a good Call-to-Action you have to consider visibility, color, fond and size, too.


Take your time and test different phrases to see which one encourages your audience reach your goals.


What kind of Call-to-Action do you use now? Do you follow these tips when you create them?


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