Social media marketing was and is a marketing game changer when it comes to retail and overall business practice. Studies have shown that consumers will engage with a business that much more if they are active on Facebook than with businesses not active. Facebook fan pages and “likes” have shaped the influence and education people receive about many different retail products and services.

Recently reported on Mashable, Facebook has decided to take the trust people feel and bring it to a whole new level. Facebook will soon be integrating a digital “like” data counter into the fashion industry by providing the amount of likes for individual products visible on the clothes hanger in retail stores for those who are having a hard time narrowing down their purchasing choice.

From Mashable:

“Retailer C&A has started a marketing push there that marries online groupthink with real-world decision making. Called FashionLike, it works like this: Whenever sometime Likes a clothing item online at C&A Brasil‘s site, that thumbs-up is tallied on a screen embedded in clothes hangers on the store’s physical racks.”

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