Social Media & Communication


Everyone who is in business is aware of how important marketing is for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is to expand their company and their reach to potential as well as existing clients. Although there are many traditional forms of marketing such as television, newspaper and radio adverts, social media marketing is a medium has changed the way that marketing communication is performed these days, and it is definitely for the better.



A Two-Way Form of Communication

One of the most important differences that Social Networks have made to marketing communication is the fact that, unlike traditional marketing methods, which were only able to offer one-way channels of communication, it offers the ability for companies and clients to communicate with each other in real-time. Because various forms of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or even email allow those who are receiving the marketing message to respond to the information they have received and interact with those who have shared it, it means that businesses and marketers are able to receive feedback about their marketing strategies almost immediately.


Smaller Businesses and Marketers can now be Heard

The increased usage of Social Media marketing has ensured that almost everyone who advertises online has the opportunity to see their brand go viral, whereas with traditional forms of marketing, only larger corporations were able to afford the high costs of TV and radio advertising, which gave them an unprecedented advantage. In some cases, Social Media Marketing has enabled smaller companies to overtake their larger competitors with ease, because of the fact that social media channels literally know no boundaries. The use of Social Media as an effective marketing tool has also enabled advertising messages to be tailor-made to suit specific individuals, groups or companies.


Feedback Within Minutes

Another advantage to this form of marketing is the fact that customers are able to voice their concerns in real-time and in many cases, they receive feedback within hours or even minutes in some cases. This is a definite improvement in customer service levels because when it came to traditional forms of marketing, customers who wished to voice their opinion often had to wait days or weeks before receiving any type of response. Because of receiving almost-instant feedback, marketing companies can now resolve customer issues and complaints far quicker as well. An added advantage to using social media for marketing is that your client base will continue to grow on a daily basis.


Although many people are against trying anything new (even when it comes to advertising), this form of marketing will not be going away any time soon, so it is best for companies and individuals to learn how to embrace it and use it to their advantage in order to reap the many benefits that it has to offer. It is one of the most effective advertising mediums because virtually any business out there is able to spend an hour or so per day interacting with their clients.


Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, have completely revolutionized the way companies promote their products and services. Social Media communication has changed the business world forever. It is a big part of the marketing plan of the future for many companies, and it is largely free, which makes it even better.


The Social Media Revolution

Advertising, marketing and public relations are the areas of business that have been impacted the most by the social media storm. Companies are saving thousands of dollars every year in their advertising budgets by moving away from traditional print, radio and television advertising. There has even been a noticeable reduction in businesses purchasing online banner ads because they can set up their own Facebook, Pinterest or other social media page and get their message out without paying hefty advertising fees. Social media platforms allow companies to hyper-target the exact relevant audience they want to reach instead of buying an ad and hoping potential customers see it.


Making the most of Social Media

The way social media is used to communicate a company’s message is vitally important. Companies should:


  • Clearly identify their mission, goals and objectives on their social media pages
  • Keep the content on the page fresh by posting regular updates
  • Be responsive to consumer questions or comments posted on the page
  • Remain consistent with the social media marketing plan and do not let the page fall into disuse
  • Change product and service offerings based on consumer response


Analyzing your Target Audience

An amazing amount of customer data can be gleaned through social media platforms in ways that were never possible through traditional marketing methods. When consumers “like” a company’s Facebook page and post comments, they provide important information. The company’s marketing department, product development division, and management team can obtain valuable data about consumer behavior by analyzing the customer responses on their Facebook page. The same goes for reviews posted on Twitter or other social media outlets. The key is listening to and analyzing audience comments and reviews and responding by making the appropriate adjustments to product and service offerings.


Direct Communication with Customers

Another unique way in which social media communication has changed the world of marketing is just that:  communication. Customers can actually communicate with company representatives via social media.


  • Potential customers can post a question on a social media site and get an answer from the company
  • A customer can make a suggestion about product improvement, and the company can respond
  • A company can run a contest that prospective customers can enter and possibly win.
  • The company can offer discount coupons, and customers can make purchases via social media platforms


One thing is certain. Social media communication is here to stay, and the companies that stay on top of the social media marketing revolution are the ones that will thrive in the changing marketplace. Using social media to the greatest advantage will help forward-thinking companies impact the way consumers select and purchase products and services.


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Social Media

Social media is an area where many businesses are still sort of scratching their heads when it comes to building their online brand in front of their target audience. Twitter has become a very important aspect to social media and it really doesn’t matter what type of business you are running. If you have spent a great deal of time building up your followers don’t all of a sudden lose them over something really silly.

Here are some ways to not lose your Twitter followers:

Don’t Use Automation for Conversation

People who spend a considerable amount of time using Twitter can tell when you use automation tools to communicate your message. Sure it is ok to streamline your process by how you communicate but make sure it is you or another human actually communicating on your Twitter wall.

Keep Self Promotion Tasteful

We are all here to spread the message about something we are selling but try not to suffocate your Twitter audience with too much self-promotion. There are ways to do it tastefully and there are ways to really anger your audience. Make the right choice so you don’t cause them to unfollow you.

Share Your Followers News

Social media is not a one way road. Make sure to also share some of the links that your followers are sharing because that is what social media is all about. Social media is there for everyone to scratch each other’s backs just a little bit.

Ask Your Followers Questions

Once in a while don’t be scared to ask your followers anything you want. Show them that you have a personality and you want to communicate with them and not just send them links to your blog or website.

Always Respond Back To Their Questions or Comments

If your audience reaches out to you to ask you a question or leave a comment on your wall Twitter feed always take a moment to respond back to them. It could be the difference of having a new client or not having a new client.

Twitter is a great place to build awareness to an online brand but you have to realize that like anything in life this is a website that is evolving and morphing constantly. What might have worked when it first launched might not work any longer so you have to always keep your skills sharp and your thought process outside of the box.

Social Media Butter Fly

If you still think that social media is a fad then chances are the denial has gotten to the best of you. Social media marketing has revolutionized the way people and businesses communicate with each other and if you take a good look around you will quickly see that it is happening all around us in a very fierce way. Businesses large and small are hiring social media experts and turning marketing departments upside down in order to increase all social media activity to help grow their businesses.


Here are 7 reasons why you should be a social media butterfly fluttering around through the different online social networks making friends:



In some cases you can communicate almost instantly with your audience. What other piece of marketing is going to allow you to do it that quickly? A great deal of social media is happening in real time so go communicate.


Some if not all of your competition is probably already conducting some sort of social media marketing efforts to help grow their business. They are probably happy you are not because they are talking to your audience with little distraction from you. You don’t have to be a social media rock star but getting the ball rolling sooner rather than later is crucial.



Marketing is the process of communicating your business message with your audience which is exactly what you can be doing if you leverage social media the right way. Why wouldn’t you want to market your business?


Website Visitors

Social media can generate a steady stream of inbound traffic coming into your website on a consistent basis as long as you are consistent with it. If you consistently tackle social media on a weekly basis you can dramatically increase your flow of targeted traffic to your website.



Whether you like it or not the purchasing behavior of people everywhere has changed quite a bit and branding places a significant role in how people purchase online. Social media can build your brand image online in a positive fashion.



Show your audience you have a soul and a personality. Social media marketing can help you show your audience that there is a person behind that company or website.


Search Engine Optimization

Social media has a very large overlap with the SEO industry which we all know can really help a websites growth when conducted correctly. With links being used in social media it is a clear reason why it could help you with your SEO over time. The search engines see what you do through links and content and if you are tackling the social space you might be able to dramatically increase your SEO efforts.


Don’t wait any longer with your social media marketing. Take the steps now and start communicating and building a following online because down the road you will be happy you did. Remember that things take time to mature and it might take some time to see great results but eventually you will reap the rewards if you stick with it.