Technology Advantage


Your online shop offers fantastic state-of-the-art women’s dresses: fashionable, stylish, and made of high-quality fabrics. You know that any girl would look gorgeous in your outfit, but ladies don’t know your shop exists. Because your website lives on Google’s second page –– due to poor SEO optimization.


That’s only one example of how technological progress and digitalization can help businesses, but what about other competitive advantages? Let’s see!


Advantages that Technology Brings:


Faster and cheaper communications 

Quick and to-the-point communication to clients is as important as a high-quality product. Chatbots, contact forms, or instant messaging in social networks are excellent instruments that technology introduced. So brands can answer prospects within seconds and have more deals closed.


Better team management and enhanced efficiency

Now businesses can hire outstanding professionals from any part of the world and collaborate as if they were in one room. Managers can customize task views to monitor their team progress anytime, anywhere. Kanban boards, Gantt charts, timelines, and visualized dashboards improve project management, keep teams in sync, and track the progress of related assignments and projects in general.


Opportunities to increase profit 

There are several ways technology helps corporations get more profit. Among them are reducing labor costs by outsourcing specialized teams and improving productivity with better team management. Moreover, enhanced with proper AI tools, marketing teams can create new points of contact for customers, generate more traffic to your website, and promote your product with engaging ad campaigns.


Better data security

Keeping sensitive data secured becomes easier with modern technology-driven instruments. They help to classify data correctly, encrypt it, and send it to a safe environment: whether it’s an in-house server or cloud hosting. Coding has also improved and became more secure, effectively protecting your web-based applications and fighting against XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) attacks. For example, you can hire an Angular developer to preserve websites from common vulnerabilities and adapt to emerging security needs. Here are some salary statistics for your reference:


Better Data Security

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More flexible employment

The development of telecommuting technology offers various communication tools that add flexibility to the working process. For example, corporations are now technically equipped to switch to remote work without affecting product development or control over team members. And such instruments are reliable, secure, and accessible from all devices. Moreover, companies can outsource accounting, administrating, or full stack IT professionals to accomplish specific tasks professionally and quickly.


Automation of routine manual tasks 

Not every business task requires a top manager’s involvement. And many repetitive assignments can easily be automated — for instance, sending cold emails or organizing contact information of potential customers and clients. Big corporations enhance the efficiency of their personnel with asset and inventory management systems or control payables and receivables through billing software.


8 Ways to Use Technology for Lead Generation


  1. Optimize website performance (spoiler: hire Angular seniors)


Website is often the first place where your potential clients land. That’s why it has to offer exceptional customer experience –– as nobody will wait for 5 seconds until page loads, put up with a poor design, look for the contact form across pages, or figure out what you want them to do from unclear CTAs (Call to Action). However, technologies are here to help: for example, to speed up the load time of a website, enrich it with stylish design, or provide it with intuitive structure, companies can hire a full stack Angular developer.


  1. Improve SEO ranking


Users search the internet to find answers and appreciate valuable replies –– by visiting your site. But keeping users engaged is only the second step, while the first thing is to make your content discoverable to the target audience through Google Search.


For this purpose, SEO – Search Engine Optimization tools are used. And they have become more important since Google introduced its mobile-first search priority. Probably at this stage, it would be great to involve a website design consultant.


SEO Ranking

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  1. Create valuable content


Organic traffic means that users arrive at your website naturally –– engaged with valuable and relevant content. Sometimes, a blog post written in simple language and enriched with real-life examples and infographics works better than any ad. But finding trending topics, creating catchy headlines and infographics, picking up royalty-free images, and writing engaging texts requires the time of your content team. And imagine that you can delegate all of these tasks to AI-based tools with little human supervision.


  1. Automate email outreach


Email outreach is an important source of new leads. But to keep open rates and CTORs (Click-to-Open Rate) high, every message needs to be customized. In other words, you will open a cold email only when its subject line and preview are catchy and relevant. And if you click on CTAs or links, this means you can potentially make a purchase. In 2021, tools can analyze thousands of social media accounts, research trigger events, create emails, and automatically send them at the right time.


  1. Get high-quality backlinks  


Content that people consider fantastic may not be that great for search engines –– because your domain doesn’t have authority yet. In real life, an authoritative person is someone who people recommend to each other. An authoritative website is the one that other websites link to (backlink), and it also possesses a higher search engine rank.


Usually, one can get backlinks through guest posting –– publishing posts on authoritative websites for free in return for a backlink to your website. And technology-based tools can detect authoritative websites in seconds.


  1. Use social media


The regular creation of engaging posts, communication with the target audience, collaboration with influencers, and hosting topic-related groups in popular social media are great ways of interaction with your potential customers. But following a schedule and creating new posts can be exhausting, as well as monitoring related comments, reposts, and answering questions. However, technological progress offers efficient instruments which can take on these duties and free up your time.


  1. Add chatbots


Intelligent chatbots are another fantastic AI-based tool that takes communication with clients to the next level. Though there are platforms that help build chatbots without coding skills, preparing data for Machine Learning algorithms is not a straightforward task. However, with Angular developer’s online chatbots will never let you miss a lead and keep potential customers engaged.


  1. Incorporate Project Management Tools


Advanced instruments that help manage teams and projects offer data-driven control and enhanced collaboration. An organized environment that every team member can access from a smartphone is a decent way to cooperate, boost productivity, and improve performance. So incorporate project management software into your workflow and enjoy the benefits it brings.


How Technologies Help Companies

The greatest challenge for many companies is attracting potential clients to their websites. And advanced technology is the most effective assistant on the way to drive traffic to a website. Below we decided to share three relevant cases published by Google to demonstrate how several words of code can bring you hundreds of potential customers.


Global Team Model

Credit to: Mobilunity


  • Food blog –– Kirbie’s Cravings


Kirbie’s Cravings increased its CTR (Click-Through-Rate) by nearly 80%. This food blog used several words in HTML to allow Discover! search engines display their images in large format. As images became larger, they engaged more users and motivated them to click on the link. Thus, a tiny adjustment in code resulted in a considerable increase in website traffic and pageviews. It also helped the brand grow its audience and increase revenues.


  • Online magazine on various topics –– Istoé


Another example of implementing meta tags in HTML code is a weekly magazine Istoé. It tells Brazilians about everything from the economy to women’s health, boasting the diversity of readers. However, readers appreciated large image previews –– and once Istoé opted for larger visuals, its CTR increased by 30%. The experiment continued, and within the next 6 months, their clicks rose to 332%, ad, of course, these fantastic results weren’t possible without the development of digital technology.


  • Online beauty magazine –– StyleCraze


Another impressive example is an online magazine StyleCraze that publishes beauty, wellness, and health content. With its library of How-to tutorials, StyleCraze needed to support this content with better previews, and they decided to add more images to reach a broad audience. Using the How to feature and Structured Data Testing Tool in one article, the company’s CTR increased by 20%. This unusual approach worked for several other posts similarly, so the brand decided to apply this markup to all relevant content on their website.


Final Thoughts

Technology impacts many spheres, and business is probably the most remarkable of them. Advanced technology-driven solutions like high-speed internet, cloud servers, chatbots, marketing automation instruments, and many more can boost trade and commerce activities within weeks.


However, relying on technology can seem precarious for big companies with years of history. Still, they need to accept the challenge since adapting to changes that technology brings is inevitable for future success –– and numerous cases only prove it.