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Your brand should be focused on serving customers and connecting with people. Your contact page is the entryway to this connection.


Most designers neglect the contact page more than they should. It isn’t the flashiest page for designers, but it’s still important to the brand you’re designing it for. An effective contact page will invite visitors to get in touch with you, which will help make a sale. If visitors don’t feel comfortable with your contact page, they won’t bother to ask you questions and you’ll lose a sale.


Here’s how to create an effective contact page.


Make It Personal

Your customer is trying to get in touch with you. Not an automated robot. Not some incompetent customer service representative. They want to talk to you.


Any time you can make your brand personal, you should do it. People will resonate with your company more when they know the face that runs it. It connects with them on a human level that words and promotional photos can’t recreate. This will certainly help business. You can have the same effect if you make your contact page personal.


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One way you can accomplish this is to include a picture of the team. Online Department uses a picture of their employees on their contact page. This makes you feel like you’re actually talking to people, which is always great for business. The photo is also in the background and doesn’t take the attention away from contacting the company.


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You can go even further than a photo of the team and make it even more personal. Mark Jaworski adds more of his personality to his contact page by designing it so he’s holding the contact form. This is unique and personal, and it makes the contact form feel like a tangible item. All of this appeals to visitors and makes them feel welcome to contact your company.


Grid Design

Your contact page isn’t the most appealing page on your website. It has a simple purpose, which is to get in touch with someone that works in the company. You aren’t trying to sell anything or make the process complicated. The design of your contact page should be simple and reflect its purpose.


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Keep it simple with a clean grid design. Grid designs are organized, easy to follow and aesthetically appealing. Urban Influence uses a grid design to organize their information. The top grid welcomes you to contact them. The bottom left grid has contact information and the bottom right grid has the form you can fill out. Everything is organized and there’s no confusion when it comes to getting in touch with the company.


If you’re looking for a way to design your contact page, a grid design is the way to go. It’s simple, and visitors will know exactly how to get in touch with you.


Important Information and Call-to-Action

Why are people visiting your contact page? Chances are good they don’t want to quickly chat with you. They probably have a specific question or concern. You can help solve these problems before they send you a message by including important information on the contact page.


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12 Keys Rehab has important information about their company at the top of the page. They’ve placed it before the contact form so you have to read through it before you send a message. This information might answer some questions visitors might have. This is more convenient for both the company and the visitor. If your question isn’t answered in the important information, then you can continue to the bottom of the page and fill out the form.


Along with important information, 12 Keys also has a great call-to-action. Your call-to-action button should stand out and clearly communicate what will happen when the user clicks on it. 12 Keys Rehab’s button is purple, which stands out from the rest of the page. It also says, “Get Help Now,” which is exactly what the visitor wants and will get when they click the button.


Make sure your contact page lists important information the user might need. Also, have a call-to-action that stands out and gives the visitor exactly what they want.


Social Media Links

Your contact page is a way of letting visitors know they’re welcome to get in touch with you. You’re inviting them to come to you with questions or concerns about your business. You’re basically gaining their trust by welcoming them to start a conversation.


Invite them to continue this conversation by putting links to your social media pages on the bottom of the page.


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Social media is a powerful business tool because it engages your audience. Consumers are inviting your brand into their lives by following you on social media. It’s also another place they can get in touch with you and voice their concerns.


Open Dept. designed their contact page so the social media links are on the bottom. It’s at the bottom, so it isn’t too promotional, which is good, because that’s not the purpose of your contact page. However, it’s right below the form, so you have no choice but to look at it as you submit your message.


Social media is related to your contact page because it’s another way for consumers to get in touch with you. Place your links at the bottom for an effective contact page.


Make It Fun

Your contact page is possibly the most personal page on your website. It’s the link that connects you and your audience, because it offers them a place to start a conversation. Use this page to be creative and have fun.


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Mario Petrone had fun with his contact page by designing it like a postcard. It pays homage to a previous form of communication and lets you fill it out, which is fun for people. There’s also stencil letters that give it a personal and creative tone.


Have fun with the design of your contact page while keeping it simple. Try to relate it to your business if you can. People enjoy creativity and will feel more comfortable filling out your contact form if they can tell you put some effort into it.


Invite Your Audience

An effective contact page will act as a friendly invitation for visitors to get in touch with you. Make them feel valued to maximize the effectiveness of your contact page!



Lexie Lu is a designer and writer. She loves researching trends in the web and graphic design industry. She writes weekly on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.