Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion optimization is an essential element of digital marketing. Once you start receiving traffic to your website – be it via organic rankings or pay-per-click – it’s time to convert that traffic into sales. After all, the last thing you want is to see your visitors leaving without buying.


There are a number of best practices and techniques you can use to achieve good conversion rates, but in this post, I will assume you are already familiar with the basic principles of conversion rate optimization.


What I’m going to share with you today is a number of tools which can make your job that little bit easier.


PageSpeed Insights

Nobody likes slow webpages; they result in increased bounce rates and lost potential revenue. In other words, visitors will leave your website before they even get a sniff of what you have to offer.



This free tool from Google will help you test the speed of your webpages for both desktop and mobile browsers (just remember it works page-by-page, so the results you see will be for the particular URL you have entered and not the whole site) and will give you some very helpful advice on how to make your pages load faster.


Google Analytics & eCommerce Tracking

You will struggle to optimize your website without the ability to track and measure results. This is why implementing Google Analytics and eCommerce Tracking is of paramount importance.


If implemented correctly, Google Analytics and eCommerce Tracking will let you measure traffic, conversions, revenue and much more.



Both tools are free and are by far the most popular web analytics solutions out there. However, there are alternatives available, and one definitely worth checking out is Adobe Analytics.



Hot Jar


Hotjar is a heatmapping tool which will help you understand how visitors interact with your website. The features include heatmaps (obviously!), visitor recordings, conversion funnels and form analysis. The ability to see how visitors interact with your site can help you identify issues which might be adversely impacting your conversions. For example, you can use the form analysis feature to identify which fields take too long to fill and tweak your forms accordingly.






Peek is a free usability testing tool. You simply enter your website URL and Peek delivers a 5 minute video with audio of a real person using your website.


 Cross Browser Testing


Cross Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing lets you test your webpages on multiple browsers. Many web developers have a tendency to use Firefox as their main browser and often forget to check how the pages look when viewed on different browsers. Cross Browser Testing lets you test and compare multiple browsers and operating system combinations to make sure your pages look and perform great regardless of the browser your visitors are using.


There are many other conversion optimization tools available but I think the selection presented in this post are a great start.