Beating Online Competition

Competition can be a win or lose situation. You can have 50-50 chance of hitting your goal. As you are investing time, money, strategies, people and resources, you expect to outcast the risk involved in putting up the business. However, as markets, even online business, are already saturated. You must have studied their actions, competence level, strengths, weakness, or in general, we call it competitive analysis. However, do not overdo your analysis, focus on your market and strategize how you can reach out to them. Here are some strategies you can explore and integrate in your business plans.

  • Create an identity. It is also called a “blue ocean strategy” wherein you position yourself differently in a new market. You’ve got to do overhauling and bringing your customers new proposition that can make you unique from the rest of the competition. This may sound so common, however, not everybody realize how to do it. Creating an identity is not an easy way of capturing your market where everybody thinks that every business has something unique to offer. It is an opposite of “red ocean strategy” because you create your own market and capture a different demand. It is low cost yet innovative.
  • Focus on your market not on the competition. It may sound apathetic but businesses that are often blinded by the competition tend to compete hard on the basis of the general market and not on its target market. Reaching out to your ideal customers only will help you lessen cost and time consumption. As problems will continue to arise, getting hold of the bigger market is riskier than keeping your profitable consumers.
  • Get engaged online. We can’t deny the power of internet as 91% of consumers look up the internet for their purchases. You can start with few followers, and get bigger after a long time. You need to be where your customers are, join their conversation, build rapport and create relationship. When your business is small, it is easier to seek and keep your customers.
  • Do SEO. Google is still powerful and you need to keep an eye on your rankings. It may not be new to hear that SEO can provide an impact on your business. However, it is not just about getting the ranks; you need to convert them to your customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction. The best way to win in the competition is to satisfy your customers. They are your brand ambassadors. One who get satisfied will tell one more person, each of them one more person will create a chain not just online but also offline circumstances.
  • Consistency. When your offering and deliverance of the service are consistent, it will emerge as brand identity. Customers will tend to associate your product to a strong brand providing customer satisfaction. It doesn’t happen in a click but through time you can gain it.

Competition online is just the same with other competition, you need choose your fight well. Create a small niche today and grow bigger later. Serve a few people now and let your business grow from there. Focus on creating a demand rather than catching the market of others. Focus on your business and not merely on the competition. Stay upbeat with trends and always, maintain customer relationship.

Author Bio

Al Gomez the administrator of Dlinkers SEO Company. He has over 7 years of experience in SEO, social media marketing as well as with web development. He is a certified seo specialist who successfully helped various websites. Al has 7 years of experience when it comes to SEO, SMO, SEM and even web designing. Connect with Al; follow him on Twitter @alseoblog.