Digital Marketer

Digital marketers need to balance multiple demands from multiple audiences across the web. They may need to post status updates on social networking sites to get traffic back to their website. They may decide to post videos too. At the same time, their website should be optimized for search engines with SEO and ad campaigns. They need to build up a mailing list, or two or three, and market their products and services to the right audience. It’s easy to get lost in all the day-to-day activities of digital marketing, but in the end, it’s about reaching the right audience, getting them to sign in and self-identify, and closing the deal. Here are three strategies that are easy to forget that can help you do just that.


1. Add Closed Captioning Services to Your Videos

Adding a video to YouTube or another platform is not the same as making it reach the right audience. You have to tweak a video to make sure you get a wide response. One way to do that is to add close captioning services. Closed captioning not only widens the audience you reach, by making a transcript available to read, but it can help when a video is being displayed without sound like Facebook does. In this manner, it has two ways to capture the attention of someone scrolling by it and see text on the screen to compel them to play the entire video.


2. Set Up Irresistible Sign-Up Offers for Lead Generation

While you want to close a deal, it’s hard to do that if you have no idea who is visiting your site. You can measure metrics from website analyzers to figure out some of the demographics reaching your site, but it doesn’t provide specific enough details to use in an email marketing campaign. You must get your visitors to self-identify, often before they’ve even bought a single product or service from you. Digital marketers get so focused on closing a deal, they often forget that information that identifies your traffic is a valid marketing lead that can be mined later. Don’t let these visitors leave your site without getting some sign-up offer that is difficult to dismiss, like a free e-book, a free class or seminar, or entrance into an exclusive membership page you’ve set up either on your site or Facebook. Once you know who is visiting your site, you have that information to work with to develop targeted offers that will close themselves.


3. Give Your Customers More Than One Way to Close a Deal

Digital marketers trying to make the big deal often forget it’s about developing a trusting relationship that eventually leads to the big deal. That might mean having three tiers of products or services for different income levels so that you can close a smaller deal first. It can mean offering more than one payment gateway online so that the individual can use PayPal or some other alternative to pay. The point is to facilitate the close and overcome all objections to it. One way to do that is to simply offer more than one way to close a deal.


Technology With Old-Fashioned Marketing Strategies Equal Success

By using any of these three ways, you merge technology with good marketing fundamentals. You want to leverage online tools to help you create more time through features, automation, and the measuring of results. Then, use that to attract traffic and gather the information that can be used with marketing know-how to cross-sell, upsell, and close a deal using techniques like limited time offers, exclusive promotions, and lead generation. Digital marketer need to be mindful of the smallest details but also keep track of the big picture as well. In this way, you will be able to reap the rewards of a wider audience that has self-identified, making it easier to close the deal.