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Marketing is one of the most complex subjects. It is a milieu of art, commerce and science that creates instruments to appeal to the psychology of the mass. Marketing is evolving with the needs and demands of the buyers. Marketing strategies vary from state to state and country to country. The most successful marketing strategies are those that take into account the (buying) culture of the target customers before pushing the product.


Marketing is one of the ways to ensure that your business grows organically. The techniques of marketing as we knew them in 2016 are now obsolete barring some. The ones that survived are definitely the fittest and most effective to boost the sales of most brands.


Here are 5 most interesting and out-of-the-box marketing techniques that have survived 2016 and have made it to 2017 –


1. Digital signage

Digital signage offers a wonderfully flexible platform for fresh and dynamic content. While the content remains dynamic, the interface can be made interactive by investing a little more on touchscreens rather than normal LCDs.


Digital Signage


Digital Signage has revolutionized outdoor advertising. It is the most common platform of advertising seen in train stations, highways, building-fronts and inside public buildings including malls.


2. Inforgraphics

Infographics are indeed not new, but they have survived the tides of time and made it to 2017. These are easy to understand. They are quite informative and at the same time, eye-catching. Your followers can share infographics about your company with just one click provided you embed the content with social media widgets.


3. Videos

Videos are in! Videos are the hottest things of 2017 as of now. Ever since Facebook started supporting videos on their walls, brands have gone crazy creating promotional videos with engaging content. However, since this particular medium is being used extensively, we would suggest you create something unique before thinking about stepping into this domain. You can release your videos on your own channel on YouTube or Vine, and share it via your Facebook and Twitter accounts to attract the attention of your followers.


4. Create the buzz

Controversy is social media’s best friend. You can create your own news; publish articles about celebrity breakups or Apple product fails, depending on what your audience wants. Stay close to your followers and follow the keyword trends very closely to stay on top of Google search results.


5. Share, share, share!

Sharing daily weather will do little for your brand. You need to upsell your products and services by sharing promotional content and offers. You can organize open contests and share the details on social media for engaging more people. This is essentially a call to action that prompts people to click on the link that might lead them to an Instagram photo contest or a simple EOSS.


Marketing is about packaging your product in a way that appeals to the majority of your customers. It is quite challenging if you have not been following the recent trends, or if you are resilient to change. Marketing is nothing without advertising and if your brand is hiccupping in sales and customer engagement, you need to invest more in your advertising strategies.


Author Bio

Charlie Brown is a blogger and author. He has been studying the market trends of digital advertising in association with for at least 6 years now. He has a very unique view on digital marketing and advertising that can be clearly seen in this article.