If you have recently started a business venture, know that you’ll have to spend a considerable amount of resources in marketing it. Today, digital marketing is arguably the best way to promote your brand. It has helped many business owners sell their business ideas, products, and services online without wasting resources. And considering that most of your customer base spends a considerable chunk of their time on the internet, it isn’t easy to progress in the current business world without digital marketing.


Even if you are using effective digital marketing strategies, understand that they keep evolving. What may have worked for a business in the past might be irrelevant for your business in the current times. Therefore, it is good to keep up with the latest marketing hacks and evaluate their effectiveness in up-scaling your business.


The good news for new business owners is that they can achieve business growth by using the most effective digital marketing techniques. Moreover, they can beat their competitors and increase user engagement with the help of some smart marketing hacks that have better ROI. So if you’re interested, we’ve listed a few below.


Dig deeper into Digital Marketing 

First things first, you must go the extra mile and learn what digital marketing has in store for you. If not, managing marketing operations will get tricky, and you will be as clueless as a layman. As an entrepreneur, learning about digital marketing will keep benefitting you in multiple ways. It will enhance your marketing knowledge and provide you better insights into improved digital marketing techniques.


Many fresh business owners are opting for business degree programs that offer marketing-related courses to develop this understanding. Fortunately, you can do the same by seeking higher education online. By enrolling in low entry barrier programs like online MBA programs no GMAT required, you can learn the importance of digital marketing in running a business. The more you know about digital marketing, the better you become at marketing your business.


Produce relevant web content

Marketing your website and promoting it through social media and SERPs will only work if you produce relevant web content. Your audience does not want to read posts about high-tech gadgets when you are strictly a clothing brand. Although, you can always create stuff related to seasonal fashion trends, must-have accessories, etc.


People also pay attention to infographics, so post some eye-catchy infographics with relevant captions. Also, do not just rely on a single platform to promote your brand via content. Instead, repurpose it for multiple platforms to expand your reach. While you are at it, post timely updates about your business operations and increase customer engagement. For instance, showing sneak peeks into your production process or letting an employee take over your official Instagram account’s stories. Keep thinking about creative ways to lure in more customers and divert the competitor’s traffic to your business.


Invest in your landing page

A website’s landing page is the face of a business. It plays a crucial role in attracting visitors and converting them into paying customers. When visitors click your website link, they are directed to the landing page that presents a snapshot of your entire business. If visitors are not impressed by your landing page, they will immediately switch to another website. Therefore, creating an impressive landing page is crucial, with an ultimate focus on a “call to action.”


A well-maintained and optimized landing page is the best way to improve the conversion rate and increase real-time visitors. The key to building an effective landing page is having fewer links on the page so people stay connected. Moreover, there is no need to bombard your landing page with lengthy content as it can bore the visitors. If not appropriately optimized, people might visit your site but won’t linger on it long enough for you to benefit.


Test your luck with video marketing

Video marketing has a significant impact on consumer buying patterns primarily because it has high engagement rates. Therefore, most business owners are asking their digital marketers to create engaging videos for their brands. As mentioned above, digital marketing trends keep on changing, and for now, video marketing is trending. According to a study, videos help to generate almost 82% of the total web traffic to a website. Therefore, as a new business owner, you can’t let this opportunity slip by. The most trending ways to use video marketing in your business are:


  • Going live on your social media sites and having engaging conversations with your followers
  • Posting branded videos on your social media accounts and responding to your followers in the comment section
  • Keeping your followers updated through posting reels on your Instagram and putting up stories on Facebook
  • Creating a channel on YouTube and optimizing it to generate more views
  • Doing podcasts with other bloggers and influencers to interact more with the audience.


Brands that strike a conversation with their audience and keep them hooked are the real MVP. They are not only attracting more followers but creating video marketing campaigns to encourage consumers to shop online. With the help of their informational content, they are addressing a problem their customers face and solving it in real-time. All in all, it is a win-win situation for both the consumers and the business.


Make effective use of rewarding SEO strategies

Search Engine Optimization is your best bet to getting more website visits. SEO assists new business owners in marking their place in the top search results. If you think you are a new player and cannot rank higher, you are wrong. The Google search engine acknowledges any business that invests in effective SEO strategies and successfully runs paid search according to its guidelines. While optimizing your website, keep the following hacks in mind:


  • Do not stuff your content with too many keywords
  • Stay away from purchasing website links from shady link farms
  • Stop running too many advertisements
  • Optimize your links, headings, and meta descriptions
  • Choose an easy-to-pronounce and simple domain name
  • Check the website’s loading time and optimize it accordingly
  • Optimize your site according to different gadgets people use
  • Use a mix of long-tail and short-tail keywords


To score the best ROI on your SEO efforts, you must upgrade your website and add the latest website features. You can use a bunch of online tools to identify technical issues in your website and optimize them for better search results. You can also use tools to conduct keywords, backlinks, and competitor analysis to help you optimize your SEO strategy.


Communicate directly through email marketing

Another digital marketing hack is to talk directly with your consumers through emails. Yes, email marketing is a great way to build more connections and increase conversions. Opting for personalized communication methods with your customers shows them that you’re more investing in their likes and dislikes. Most users prefer having a one-on-one conversation with a brand when they have unanswered questions. Email marketing lets you do that. In this way, a newly established business can market itself to different consumers uniquely. For instance, you can email customers who have abandoned their cart and offer them a discount.


You can also automate your emails with the help of Email Service Providers (ESPs) and work more efficiently. By using automated emails, you will be able to give timely and accurate responses to customer queries. It further helps in improving user engagement and tells consumers how valuable they are. While creating emails, come up with creative subject lines to grab your reader’s attention. Also, do not write long paragraphs and stories in your emails. Keep them short and precise so that reads get the gist of the information quickly. If not, the reader might ignore your email, and the conversion rate will decrease.


In the end, great digital marketing wins it all

Almost every business is implementing digital marketing strategies nowadays. However, only a few brands attain long-term growth, higher conversions, and better search engine ranks through it. Why is that so? Because they may not be committed to it or may not be using the right tricks to make the best use of it. They have this perception that spending an excessive amount of money in marketing their brand is more than enough to generate sales. Well, it isn’t the case in real life, and you must evaluate what digital marketing hacks work best for you. For example, you might have to put SEO on hold and learn more about generating organic content for your website. Not just that, but you might opt for video marketing over email marketing, which is your call.


Hence, it all comes down to your ability to play with different strategies and analyze their performance. If a marketing strategy does not produce promising results, see where you went wrong and make amends. Try to be authentic with your digital marketing approach and keep things simple. You might feel overwhelmed by complicating matters and running multiple digital marketing campaigns. In this way, you will implement some remarkable digital marketing strategies and do what’s needed to outrun others!