Virtual Assistant for Marketing

Marketing requires time. As an entrepreneur, you probably rarely have time on your hands as you manage your business and its associated headaches. You can never benefit from having a clear purpose and a well-defined marketing strategy if you lack the time for proper and efficient execution.


Unfortunately, you can’t get more time, but a virtual assistant can help you do more with the time you have. When properly utilized, a virtual assistant can boost your productivity and improve the quality of your marketing results.


You should harness the power of a virtual assistant by integrating it into your marketing strategy.


The Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant

Your business needs to have a digital marketing strategy to compete in the current environment. If you want to grow your business daily, you need to have an online presence. A content platform, social media management, affiliate programs, email newsletter, and promotions can begin a strategy that will also include sales pages and some other elements.


Expanded marketing efforts win sales and grow your company. But without the use of automation and some assistance, supervising every initiative might seem impossible. You can substantially reduce your work week if you have someone to assist you.


Contract workers and freelancers that work from home commonly make themselves available as virtual assistants. As the demands of business management increase for many companies, virtual assistants have become an attractive solution to the problem of insufficient time. Websites such as Upwork provide a place where you can choose a virtual assistant from thousands of listings, so you can find one that will meet the needs of your company.


Virtual assistants can save your company money because they do not cost as much to hire as a full-time employee would cost. You can hire a virtual assistant on a contractual basis, so you can easily terminate them and replace them if necessary. Such workers can increase the flexibility and effectiveness of your business without bloating your payroll by offloading common tasks. Money saved and productivity improvements gained through the use of a virtual assistant can provide resources to fuel your digital marketing campaigns.


Virtual assistants attract the attention of many businesses because they expand capacity without requiring additional office space, furniture or equipment. Virtual assistants work from their home or personal office. Just as most remote workers, virtual assistants are usually more productive. Also, such workers need either little training or none at all because they already have the knowledge and skills needed to do their work.


The flexibility of the virtual assistants means they don’t keep traditional businesses hours. You can, however, specify your shifts and other special requirements while searching for the best assistant for your company.


How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Marketing

Marketing has evolved to accommodate the Digital Age. Companies have to find ways to seize upon the new opportunities afforded by technology and the internet to remain competitive without spending too much money. Digital marketing involves a variety of tactics used to bring traffic to your business website. You can use your virtual assistant to implement and manage a digital marketing campaign that can include some common tasks:

  • Email Marketing

A virtual assistant can relieve you of the time-consuming process of engaging your business email list with marketing content. You can create your newsletters, promotional messages and let your assistant do the rest of the work, using tools such as MailChimp, AWeber, and Infusionsoft to smoothly execute your campaigns.

  • Content Marketing

Inbound marketers need to create spectacular content to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Content creation can take a lot of time. Other tasks such as tracking blog performance, managing guest posts and responding to comments require additional time. Solve the problem by having your virtual assistant administer the blog and team up with virtual writers to produce content.

  • SEO

Find a virtual assistant with a solid knowledge of SEO, and you can offload even more of your digital marketing tasks. SEO can set the stage for an enduring stream of website traffic from search engines. You probably don’t have time for the time-consuming task, but you can find a virtual assistant who does.

  • Social Media

Successful digital marketing requires social media engagement. Social media campaigns require time, effort and engagement. Your company can use social sites for customer service, relationship building and as a way to build website traffic. Developing a loyal following and a brand-centric community takes time and effort as does establishing your company as an authoritative voice in your industry. Delegate routine social media tasks to your virtual assistant to get the job done right without forcing you to work around the clock.



Virtual assistants can help you grow your business without going putting constraints on your time. Hire a virtual assistant to improve the productivity of your business while reducing your stress. You can delegate a substantial portion of your digital marketing tasks, so you can focus on managing your business without sacrificing your path to growth.


Personal bio:

Jill Phillips is a freelance writer and content director at asssignyourwriter from Buffalo, NY. She is an aspiring entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, who loves to share her insight on various topics. When she is not writing, Jill enjoys taking photos and hiking with her dog. Connect with Jill via Twitter @jillphlps