It is no surprise the search engine marketing game has changed quite a bit over the years and the days of using quantity as a measure of progress through any campaign is slowly coming to an end. Things like sticking a PageRank tool into a tool bar by Google has only pulled people away from what is important, building their business.

Since when did the success of a website come down to how many links you had? Or what your PageRank was for certain pages of your website? The only thing that the PageRank meter has created was a vast amount of business owners that are obsessed over increasing that little number which triggered nothing more than heaps of spam entering the pages of search. Quality communication has become the key to any successful search engine marketing campaign and I’m pretty sure that this will only get stronger as time goes on. We are entering a new phase for search marketing and I think it will be great for the industry.

Social media has morphed everything else into a branding type of approach. Customers want to see you in the pages of Twitter and Facebook communicating with your audience and taking the time to answer questions and concerns with potential customers or clients. Rankings are always going to be important but will they be the driving force to a successful online business? no. Every single element of marketing that gets distributed into the search engines needs some form of quality communication surrounding it. A press release is going to have to be news worthy and have a little more than the announcement of a new page on your website for link building purposes. Treat your blog or website like a business. I think one of the fundamental elements that some website owners forget is to treat their website like a business rather a project. What ever your website offers you have an audience for. If you have an audience and you need to attract readers and website visitors this will only happen if you put your marketing hat on and treat your website like a place of business rather a science project.

It doesn’t matter what you sell if you don’t apply some business marketing strategy to your website your audience is simply never going to find you. They are never going to hear your voice and what it is that you are trying to get across to the world. Attracting visitors to a website requires business strategy and a plan. Hiring someone to write 1,000 articles for you to dump into the search results is not going to help you grow your website. Writing a few good articles and having them strategically placed will work end up working much better for you in the long run.