Drone Video Marketing


Drones, you know, those new video production gadgets on the market right now creating quite a media buzz? They’re not just for spying on your neighbors. These amazing aerial devices will soon become a very indispensable marketing tool for many industries. Drones can be used for a wide variety of applications. A drones photography ability can be used by nearly every business. Using a drones video and photography abilities has many advantages.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using a drone for marketing purposes.


1. You appear larger and more professional

Drones have the ability to take very high quality videos and imagery. This will be a great addition to your business if photography is important. If you run a visual brand, high quality photographs/videos will give you an edge in your selling abilities. For example, if you are in the real estate industry, you can use a drone to shoot an aerial shot of a house or property your’re selling to give the marketing material a unique look.


2. Drones are inexpensive

For the most part, drones are inexpensive compared to hiring an in house photographer or a photography firm. You will not have to pay hefty fees to get that unique photograph or video you have been looking for. You do not have to buy very expensive equipment that will deplete your business of important operating capital. When using a drone, you just need to purchase it and you are good to go. You will get all those high quality images you need without incurring exuberant costs (unless you get some really fancy drone). Drones are fairly cheap to buy and maintain too. Of course there are many models that can be a bit more costly but affordable options are there if you do your homework.

Here are a few:


3. Drones can get close ups

Drones are machines that do not face the risk of injury. Because of this, drones can capture up close images of things that are simply impossible for human photographers. Drones are also able to capture video and photographs at very different angles and at very close ranges which makes for very unique imagery. Drones can get close up images of otherwise dangerous situations which makes a drone the go to choice for some projects.


4. Drones can get videos within short notices

Drones can get images of emergency situations on short notice (obviously). They are at your service in a moments notice. You just need to power your drone and send it to capture whatever images or video you need for your business. So long as the drones battery is fully charged you are good to go. For businesses that need to capture video quickly this is often the best route.


5. Drones are not fully regulated by the government

Drones have not yet been full regulated by the government. Of course flying it near an airport is a bad idea but for the most part it is not illegal. This means you can use your drone to take images for you without fear of legal action being taken against you (as long as you are not flying it near someones bedroom window).

Now that we have looked at the advantages of using drones, lets look at various industries and how they can take advantage of the drones amazing video capturing and photography ability.


Aerial surveying


For long, commercial piloted airplanes and helicopters have been dominating the world of aerial photography. They are used for topography, cartography, feature recognition and archaeology. Now, these industries can cut their expenses involved in aerial surveys and embrace the power of inexpensive drones. Small UAV operators are quickly finding out the cost savings benefits with using a drone for these types of purposes.


Building and monetizing YouTube Channels


Drone videos are very hot right now and YouTube channels are taking advantage of this to entertain their subscribers. Using drones, YouTube entrepreneurs can capture interesting videos from unique locations all over the world. This in turn can increase their YouTube popularity hence making them more money online and give them a competitive edge in the world of video marketing.


Film making industry


Filmmakers find that a well operated multirotator drone is capable of carrying high quality video cameras and be less expensive and be a more versatile option compared to cranes, jibs , dollies and even cameras mounted on helicopters. Using drones, filmmakers are able to get better tracking shots and camera movement. Hollywood has requested the U.S government to allow them to use drones legally to shoot aerial videos for movies. The use of drones in film making will ensure that viewers get better aerial action shots that are more defined and at closer shooting angles.


Low Altitude banner advertising


The low altitude banner advertising industry has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. Though this is not a video based commercial opportunity, drones are now being used to fly banner advertising for various businesses. These devices are bringing about a new form of mobile advertising. They are bringing the adverts directly to the market. With this new technology, businesses will be able to make low attitude banner adverts and control them to get to their target audience efficiently.


Real estate industry


The real estate industry is an industry that has enjoyed all the advantages of using drone technology. Specialized real estate videographers have taken advantage of the new drone and aerial technology imagery to help real estate agents sell homes. They capture low altitude video footage to sell larger pieces of real estate property such as land and homes with unique features more easily.

Here is an awesome example: