Website Conversions

So you have an e-commerce website you set up and you are ready to roll, you publish the site live but nothing happens, what gives? Let’s assume for a moment you are receiving traffic to the website because if you are not that is an entirely different blog post. Website conversion elements are extremely important if you want things to happen on your site. Typically a successful e-commerce website will make constant changes to a website in order to fine tune the flow of traffic. E-commerce websites might sound easy but they require some out of the box thinking and constant maintenance to get right.

Google has something built into their analytics tool that allows you to identify any areas of opportunity in your shopping process. It is called a Google Funnel.

What is a Google Funnel?

A Google FunnelĀ is a feature built into Google analytics that is aimed at helping e-commerce website owners locate areas of opportunity in their shopping path flow.

Google Funnel Video