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Email marketing, if done right, can represent one of the single most cost effective ways to promote your brand, products and services to a base of customers.  However, as with any marketing or product promotion strategy, the email route has a certain effective strategy that has to be implemented if you really want to achieve the maximal possible results for your online business.
Let’s go over some of these key tactics now.

How the Process Works

First, a quick overview of how an email marketing campaign actually needs to be put together; the process is really pretty straightforward. As a basic first step, you as an online entrepreneur must have en established business website that offers a product or service and (most importantly) a certain amount of valuable free information on it that appeals to your customer niche.
Having set that up, the entire email marketing process then flows from getting people to this site, having them read through your existing content, like what they see, learn to trust you and then, in order to be given access to even more valuable and exclusive information (also for free), decide to opt into an email mailing list that you’re advertising on the page.

How do you get People to Find your Email Opt-in Website?

The interesting thing about email marketing is that it’s got a second, more advertising based promotion component. Simply having your opt-in offer and a page to accept emails set up in exchange for accepting that offer isn’t enough. What you also have to do is promote the heck out of your mailing list material through an assortment of different means including PPC advertising, quality, relevant backlinks, content marketing and word of mouth promotion.

However, unlike the typical path that exists with using the above-mentioned strategies, your email marketing end of the promotion chain gains a certain percentage of practically permanent visitor retention; instead of simply using promotion to get people on to your pages so they can have a look around, you’re also making at least some of them leave you something as deeply valuable as their email in exchange. This email can be enormously powerful if used properly and respectfully as a sales tool.

Email Marketing isn’t Just about Promotion

Once you’ve gained a visitors email, the first and single most important lesson to any email campaign comes into play, and sadly, it’s almost always the most quickly and easily forgotten.  We already mentioned above properly and respectfully using your trove of list emails and what we mean by that is deeply important to email marketing success.

In essence, instead of simply using these entrusted emails to promote and advertise to the point of almost seeming like an untrustworthy spammer; start creating even more trust in your visitors/email subscribers by actually giving them a certain amount of genuine free value with their opt-in.

First start with the obvious and actually deliver a quality product like you promised as part of the email handover process.

From there, start sending out regular follow-ups that also give new information or some other kind of important condition free service to your niche audience. In between these, promote your own sales offers, products and services.

By offering a demonstration of value for free beforehand, you’ll be creating a base of trust that will not only make buying more likely among your email list members, it will also build the kind of trust that can eventually lead to word of mouth recommendations or a social media based version of the same among your existing list fans and their friends.

Simply pushing products on your readers after delivering that first email will more than likely only get you indexed as a spammer by their email host.

Useful Tools and More Basic Tips

Creating your opt-in page is just one mechanical part of the email marketing campaign process. There is also the valuable need to manage the whole client email list system well along with its relevant publications and email submissions.

Luckily, there are powerful online email list programs that will make doing this much easier. They can be used to create email content, categorize mailing lists and even track a large number of success metrics that will tell you if your email campaigns are being well received by their viewers. With information like this, you can later tweak comments for improvement and more sales.

One great example of an all-in-one email marketing package is Aweber. Others such as Elitemail and Constant Contact all offer the same or similar products.

By following through thoroughly on all or some of the above tips, you are virtually guaranteed to create more brand trust, more popularity for your email list’s offerings and ultimately, more sales.

About the Author

Robert Woodford has been writing articles about email marketing and services from Reachmail for more than a decade. When not writing, Robert is generally at home with his family or working out at his local gym.