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Facebook has become the new go-to medium for many businesses that are looking to reach out to clients. This makes a lot of sense, considering how versatile the social media site can be. After all, what once started as a way to get in touch with classmates, as turned into a fully functioning site that allow for communication in ways like never before. That being said, many companies think that just having a Facebook profile is enough. But you can be assured, it certainly isn’t. Instead, there are many ways that a company can increase their Facebook presence with an even better page. Here are some tips for how you can create an effective Facebook page for your business.


Be Clear and Complete


The first thing that you can start doing is being clear with who your company is and what you offer. Many companies out there think that just having a page is enough, when in reality there are too many similar pages for anyone to be able to stand out. When Facebook started to become popular for businesses, many companies ran out and started making profiles. However, they soon lost interest, and left only incomplete or outdated profiles and contact information. As a result, any potential customers who may visit the page seeking information, are met only with frustration. In order to avoid mistakes such as this, make sure that your Facebook profile is complete and up-to-date with your company’s information on how to contact you and more. It also is a good idea to upload photos of your company for your profile picture and also a great banner photo as well. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that any page visitors will quickly be able to discern who you are, what you do, and how they can contact you in order to learn more.

Connect With Fans


Successful companies on Facebook put the “social” into “social media.” After all, if you aren’t communicating with customers, then what is your Facebook profile for anyways? You should have a variety of different posts and updates that keep people interested and entertained by your page. Don’t forget to be fun, as it allows your followers to see a bit more about who you are personally, past just the exterior of your business. You can also ask questions and hold surveys on your page, which will allow for customers to give their feedback. This will give you the opportunity to find out what customers are interested in, which is data that you’ll be able to use for marketing purposes. Lastly, if customers have concerns or things they want to discuss, be sure that you address their concerns as soon as possible. The more that other customers see that you take interest in things that don’t always go to plan, the better your overall image will be.

Post Regularly


Not only should you have a variety of different posts that connect with people, but successful Facebook business pages are the ones that contain regular updates and fresh, relevant content. Whether that means a combination of statuses, photos, surveys or whatever else you want to upload, being regular with your content is important. However, there is a fine line between quality content that is posted on a routine basis, and overwhelming content that annoys your followers. Keep in mind that quality is just as important as quantity. No matter how much content you post, you’ll get more customer engagement if it is something that interests people. Follow the lead of some of these Facebook engagement experts.

Track Activity


Having a successful Facebook page isn’t just about what’s happening on the page, but also what’s happening behind the scenes as well. There are many different programs that you can use to track your page on Facebook, in order to find out more about your customers. You can find out where they are coming from, what they are spending time looking at and much more. By knowing all of this information, you can gear your content towards what your customers want to see, which should improve overall engagement on the page.

Provide Widgets


You can increase the likelihood of people finding your page by putting Facebook widgets on your social media page and other online outlets. By offering people the chance to “like” your page, without having to directly be on it, then you are increasing the odds that more people will find you.

For example, Vivint has a Facebook page that makes it easier for their clients to find out more information about home security on their Facebook page, which they can be linked to from their website or other online resources. If you can make it easier for the audience to find you, you’ll increase your overall presence and the likelihood that they’ll like your page.


Facebook Fan Page Widgets


You can have a great Facebook page, all it takes is a willingness to make improvements where necessary, and a determination to see it through. Facebook has come a long way from the time it was conceptualized as a way for Harvard students to connect with each other, and by making the most of your Facebook page, your business will be able to go a long way too.