Facebook Graph Search
Facebook users have always been able to perform searches. They could search for their high school friends, look for relatives across borders and oceans, and even find groups based on their interests. However, things are changing. On October 22, Facebook rolled out new settings that further expanded users’ search capabilities.


What’s New?


Whereas Facebook users were once limited in their searches, things are truly opening up like never before. Now, you can search for information stored in two trillion posts – including from people who are not your “friends” on the site and groups you have not joined. There are some limitations, though, since Facebook is vigilant when it comes to protecting privacy. Users can only find information they are otherwise allowed to see, such as public posts. Private posts from individuals who are not the users’ “friends” remain private.


The Results Breakdown


If a user wanted to search for something particular, such as the recent record-breaking hurricane Patricia, they only need to type this information into the search bar at the top of the page. Then, they will see popular posts from trusted news outlets first. After that, they will see posts about that subject from friends and joined groups. Next comes lists of the most popular links on the web, and, finally, users see a list of posts from strangers. Essentially, the results appear in order of relevancy to the user, and they provide an excellent way to discover what other people are saying and thinking about the hurricane.


Facebook Search


It’s Not About the Money – Yet


Facebook execs are aware of the potential money involved with optimizing their search tools, too. Vice President of Search, Tom Stocky, even says that Facebook is not focused on monetization with this feature. Despite this, some 1.5 billion searches a day take place through Facebook, and optimizing them opens the door to incredible keyword advertising potential. In fact, SEO may apply to Facebook ads in the future just as it applies to Google ads today. Businesses relying on internet-based content to sell goods and services may need to consider Facebook as a viable source of keyword optimization and a money-making opportunity.


Is Facebook Obscurity a Thing of the Past?


Something that everyone should consider with this change is the fact that everything they have ever posted on Facebook is now suddenly searchable. Even those who set their posts to “friends only” might find that a comment made during a heated argument on a public post could come back to haunt them. The best way to mitigate any damage before it begins involves searching your name along with any terms that people might find offensive, then removing any comments you find.


Why Is This a Game Changer?


Today, when people want news, they usually turn on the television or head to one of their favorite news sites. In fact, there are no fewer than 50 smartphone apps that compile news from various sources based on the user’s interests. However, because millions upon millions of people log into Facebook every single day – and for many, it is the very first thing they do – why not make it so Facebook not only updates people about what is happening in their friends’ lives, but also around the world? What’s more, the new search feature gives people a new perspective on the news. People know what is happening around them, and they also know how others feel about it. It is a highly social take on news that suits Facebook well.


What to Expect


For most people, nothing will really change other than their ability to type a keyword into the search bar and discover relevant information. Facebook will give you a notification if anyone likes or comments on a post that they found through the new “Search” function, just to give you a heads up that your information is available in this way. In the meantime, if you are concerned about your privacy, just head over to your accounts settings and make sure that you have posts set to “Friends Only”. What’s more, remember that nothing you put on the internet is ever 100% secure, so you should choose your posts wisely lest your employer (or potential employer) find them.



Billions of people around the world turn to news outlets each day to tell them what they need to know about what is happening in the world. Facebook looks to become a true contender, offering up not only the same outstanding relevancy as smartphone apps that exist for no other reason than to provide the news, but also the opportunity to find out how friends, family, and even strangers feel about that news. It is a major advance in social media, for sure.


Facebook Graph Search

Business enterprises are buzzing about the new phenomenal way in which Graph Search could potentially bestow enormous advantages for their brand and for those of you who are wondering what and how it will work can keep reading.

When Facebook announced a few days back about their refurbished search engine it was by far the most awaited and predicted one and they have named it the “Graph Search” which necessitates that to reap the most benefits in terms of making brand visibility a prime objective, equipping oneself with the knowledge of how to use Graph Search is critical.

Facebook proclaims that Graph Search will be a very unique approach to Search Engine Optimization in comparison to some of the other search engine platforms and can majorly enhance your company’s visibility. It’s very crucial that the “About Section” summarizes your business objectives, goals and vision as well as the category so that it enables people to look for you easily thanks to the updated information.

For someone who is looking for information about a business in a specific location it is very important that on your business information page details such as the address are clearly stated and also ensure that the address is similar to how it appears on the company website. Needless to say sharing the most relevant and latest news periodically only helps to keep your fans engaged. Its imperative to attract the right kind of people or fans as you would say in the facebook terminology, so that you have a reason to communicate on a regular basis with the news that you share on your page.

When people search for information what search engines would highlight would typically depend on the exactness of information that is out there to explore. Fans or people who have liked what you have to offer are instrumental is enhancing your Graph Search experience and exposure. The growth of your Facebook account and how popular you are will be responsible for the visibility you encounter. So each time someone shares, likes or comments on what you have put up on your page is almost like giving credit to you and this referral in turn becomes very important as graph search permeates to all of the other Facebook users.

Fake “Likes” or paying people to like you can be detrimental from a futuristic perspective because when a fan reports an update of yours as a spam or simply does not pay any heed to what you have to share will hurt your market positioning and validity with Facebook which will inadvertently effect your visibility.

Using pictures yield a high level of communication so also will asking propelling questions, using the right keywords that are simple to comprehend or adding links to your blogs are a great way to to boost the needed traffic to your website. Mechanisms that will not just build but also solidify connections could be recognizing a fan or sharing requests.

Finally whatever you do consistently and with integrity in approach go a long way in promoting your brand!!!


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Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has placed its cards on the table with its new Facebook Graph Search option. The new search engine like option that Mark Zuckerberg has shown has significant potential and offers results based on the searches of your friends and acquaintance’s interaction with companies on the social media site.

Facebook Graph Search is very like Google’s Google+ Local option, though because of its far larger uptake of 1billion or more people offers significantly more potential. In fact, the size of the offering is so large; Facebook has enlisted Bing to help collate all the Likes and interactions ever on Facebook and hopes to roll it out fully in a month or so.

How it Works

Unlike the traditional search engine, which uses numerous algorithm factors to determine the SERP placing, Facebook Graph Search uses your friends’ preferences, which have been shown through Likes, shares and other interactions such as check ins. Searches are returned in order of the query and ordered by our friends interaction with the businesses at hand.

So, for business this means that there are now huge opportunities offered from Likes and recommendations. If you can garner enough recommendations in the form of Likes, shares, check-ins, etc.; you stand a great chance of appearing on the top of Facebook Graph Search SERPs. This means working to create a strong presence is a must.

Facebook Graph Search Video

Local SEO

The number of businesses involved in local SEO increased significantly in recent months and the whole SoLoMo philosophy has taken a real turn for the mainstream. Facebook Graph Search ups the ante again and you need to optimise your social media page to ensure you gain leverage over competitors. Here’s how we’re doing so at PinpointDesigns:

  • Name, Facebook URL, and all the other information on your site needs to be updated and correct. Make sure to look through this as it can have a significant impact on your success, especially as people perform more mobile searches.
  • You need to encourage more engagement, so more Likes, Shares etc. This is especially important among local and target audiences.
  • Look at your Bing SEO. As Microsoft is helping out in this area, there could be some significant impact and some ranking hints in Bing.
  • Encourage all sharing on-site and not off Facebook
  • After all the issues with Likes and fake Likes, as well as Like worth; there is not a doubt that they matter significantly.
  • Encourage sharing and interaction to build a strong community.

Facebook Graph Search can change a lot of things in the future, so plant the ground work now to succeed in time.


Cormac Reynolds writes for PinPointDesigns a UK company that provides a range of digital media services.