Y & Z Marketing

Businesses must constantly evolve in order to meet the changing needs of consumers. Unique challenges always arise when a new generation of consumers enters the market. Generations Y and Z are no exception. These are technology-driven individuals with a different sense of brand loyalty than previous generations. Some traditional techniques are not as effective with members of these two generations. Businesses need four things to target Generations Y and Z.

4. Seamless Access to Content and Purchasing

Members of Generation Y and Z have grown up around technology and the Internet. They are used to high-speed access and fast browsing without restrictions. Businesses need to have websites that provide seamless access to content. This means easy navigation and pages that load very quickly with optimized graphics. Businesses also need checkout or payment options that require as little time and input as possible. One-click ordering from specialized landing pages will help to capture Generation Y and Z customers.

3. Social Media Presence

Many members of Generation Y and Z are using social media sites as primary portals for nearly all online actions. This includes playing games, checking the news, talking to family and researching products. Businesses must have a strong and responsive social media presence. These individuals will seek out brand interaction, reviews and advice through social media. Social media is also quickly becoming a place to perform customer service. Businesses need to have social media accounts and dedicated staff to manage the content.

2. Engaging Videos and Visuals

The individuals who make up Generation Y and Z are largely visual learners. This means businesses need to have strong visuals and videos to help engage these people. Websites, logos and advertisements must be visually appealing and eye-catching. Short videos should be used to relay detailed information in a fun and engaging way. Although strong visuals are very important, businesses should make certain to keep interfaces and websites clean so they can be accessed easily.

1. Custom Apps

Every business today needs to have a custom app to target Generations Y and Z. These individuals are using mobile devices to browse the Internet, make purchasing decisions and communicate with others. With SolutionStream dot net software development, companies can create an app that provides a direct line to the business that Generations Y and Z will fully understand and enjoy. Custom apps also provide unique marketing and branding options within a controlled environment. Businesses should invest in custom apps now since they are becoming a major platform for commerce across all generations.