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When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there has been a lot of discussion over how much Google Analytics is handy. Features to analyze how actually the traffic is directed to the concerned website make it indispensable for the online marketers. All the statistics of that website can be collected with the reports presented by the analytics. But there have been debate on the ways by which all the statistics can be exploited to make the website better for the visitor so that he sticks and not bounce back in minutes of landing.

On this concern, some of the biggies of the Google Analytics swear by the tremendous support visualization can provide. Visualization can actually give a boost to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) test programs with the help of insights offered by the Google Analytics Visitors Flow report.

Lets us have a look at it.

Understanding Visitors Flow Report


Google Flow Report

The Report and the color codes


This report in generated as a part of other statistics regarding the traffic on the website. It tells about how visitors landed on your site and the commonest route they take to reach it. The report consists of many colorful blocks containing important data. Green colored blocks contains interaction nodes having group of pages. Grey blocks suggest the routes by which traffic has landed on a particular page of the website via interaction nodes. The connections between these nodes can be grey or red, depending upon what users decided after coming to the pages; grey if they chose to go to one page to the other and red if they left the website altogether.


Segmenting the report


Segmentation can be applied here which helps the businesses to decide on what actions to take to better the performance of the website. They can go for the visitors that convert to their customers or clients, or they can choose to focus on those that come but for some reason do not get converted. Business can start the process of segmenting the Visitor Flow report on the basis of locations, campaigns, demographics, or whatever is considered pertinent to this task.


The dimensions


The report on its own is just one but there are many things that could be done with it. For example, you can change the way you want to look at it by changing the dimension it shows as default. One glance on the Visitors Flow report and the expert would know that it is showing the permutation and combination of various sources or mediums that finally linked to your website. If you want to see traffic of a particular dimension, just right click it and the results would appear.


Using Visitors Flow for CRO


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tests comes into picture only after loads of analysis is put in, which leads to great visualization as to how best to employ that collected statistics. And Visitor’s Report start showing its actual worth when put in this context.

The all-encompassing evaluation consists of determining the pages receiving the maximum number of visits, conversion points, and potential conversion points that are not performing as they should or as expected. Insights to these queries are generally sought in Google Analytics Content reports; but rows and rows of site URLs do not make much sense, when the question is how visitors interact. This is what is reflected in Visitors Flow report. It helps in faring better with the understanding of visitor behavior, giving a bigger picture through-

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Start exploring on your own and everything will be better grasped. The help you might need on this subject matter in the process would be readily available via various internet resources.

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