New Google Chrome LogoIf you like to handle everything organically without any technology to help than kudos to you but if you enjoy using little trinkets and business applications that provide you with great real time data than these SEO plugins are perfect. Of course you must be a Google Chrome user to enjoy these but if you haven’t tried Google Chrome yet I suggest you give it a whirl.

Here is a list of some of the top SEO plugins for Google Chrome:

Chrome SEO

Users: 128,726

Google Chrome SEO PluginThis one is my favorite! If you are looking for good quality data on the fly it is an amazing little tool.

Current Features

  • Quantity of pages indexed
  • PageRank indicator
  • Domain details
  • Sitemap detector
  • Quantity of backlinks


SEO Site Tools

Users: 32,922

SEO Site Tools Chrome SEO Plugin

I haven’t used this one as much but let me tell you the data is intense. It provides a great deal of information on any website that can be very useful.

Current Features

  • Quantity of pages indexed
  • SEOMoz data
  • Recent tweets
  • Social sharing stats


WooRank Chrome Extension

Users: 15,517

WooRank Google Chrome Extensions

I just started using this one so my opinion will be brief. It provides a lot of data. Do I even need to say more?
Current Features
  • Traffic estimation
  • Keyword analysis
  • Whois data
  • RSS data
  • Tweet counter
  • Social stats
  • W3C validation
  • Competitor analysis


META SEO Inspector

Users: 6,459

META SEO Inspector ExtensionI haven’t used this one at all yet but people seem to really like its simplicity.